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Seeing things differently

Graphic used with permission of Sodexho Marriott Services (who do, by the way, run the food services at Southern Nazarene University).

This graphic came from a Sodexho Marriott Services advertisement in a magazine. It appeared as a full-page ad in Hemispheres, the inflight magazine of United Airlines.

The advertisement noted the ways three people with different job responsibilities might describe a lightbulb:

The ad's punch-line was "To us, it's the importance of seeing things differently."

Your assignment:

Describe this object in two or more different ways without using the word "lightbulb." Tell what kind of person would be most likely to use each of your descriptions.

When you have finished writing your descriptions, check out how the V.P. of Finance, a Risk Manager and a Director of Engineering might have described this lightbulb

Purpose of assignment:

To illustrate and reinforce how the categories and models we formulate from our experiences then influence how we continue to see and describe the "real world." This exercise can, in a very small way, aid in understanding the idea that we see things through a cultural lens. That lens shapes our "worldview."

     -- Howard Culbertson

Turn on your imagination

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