Pure heart, ready feet — Hearing God's will

"Then Samuel said, 'Speak for your servant is listening.'" -- 1 Samuel 3:10

Missiologist J. Herbert Kane wrote that a person will enhance the possibility of hearing God's call if he or she has:

  1. An open mind
  2. Attentive ear
  3. Pure heart
  4. Busy hands
  5. Ready feet
An exam in SNU's Introduction to Missions course included Kane's list. One student drew this cartoon stick figure as a memory aid.

How to keep your sense of call clear and passionate
Self-discipline questions

1. Is my calling sure?
2. Is my vision clear?
3. Is my passion burning hot?
4. Is my character fully submitted to Christ?
5. Are my fears at bay?
6. Is my psychological baggage surrendered?
7. Are my ears open to the Spirit?
8. Is my pace sustainable?

Self-Discipline questions excerpted from the message, "The 360-Degree Leader" by Bill Hybels during a Leadership Summit atWillow Creek Community Church, Barrington, IL. ©. Full recorded message may be ordered by calling 1-800-570-9812

"The longer I live, the more I believe that one of the most profound subjects in the Christian life is the will of God. The deeper we dig into it, the more we realize how little we know. . . Doing the will of God is rarely easy and uncomplicated. Instead, it is often difficult and convoluted. It is mysterious. . . . In fact, more often than not, God's will is downright humanly illogical." -- Charles Swindoll in The Mystery of God's Will: What Does He Want for Me?

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