The problem in world evangelism: a serious lack of passion

"Let us be satisfied with nothing else than leaving the deepest mark on our generation."
    - John R. Mott

"Fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you." -- 2 Timothy 1:6

Jim Diehl, former Nazarene general superintendent, speaking at a Nazarene General Assembly:

"The question before us is this:
Is there enough passion in the soul of the church to carry this holiness message to the peoples of this world?

When it is all said and done: If we lose our passion, we lose our movement."

Reaching the lost: Resources for building passion

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Missionary preparation: SNU missions course resources and syllabi

SNU does not offer a "pure" missions major. Students majoring in religion can take a missions concentration. Missions training courses can also be combined with any other major on campus in a "multi-disciplinary" major. For example: aviation/missions or computer science/missions or education/missions. Students wishing a minor in missions must take 18 semester hours from among the following courses. Students majoring in some other area can take one or more missions classes as electives to fill out their hours for graduation. An actual schedule of missions courses offered in the upcoming semester can be found on the SNU web site.

SNU offers an Urban Studies major. That degree requires several of these missions courses listed toward the bottom of this web page.

In addition to these courses, a course in inter-cultural communication is offered through our speech department and there are a couple of history courses which can be taken for missions credit. Most of these missions classes are offered on a two-year rotation. None is offered every semester.

Students interested in scholarships for studying missions at SNU should contact the Southern Nazarene University School of Theology and Ministry

"The hatred directed towards missionaries, once so loudly sustained by anthropologists and various skeptical' literary types has mostly abated, and there has been growing awareness of all the secular' good that missions do and have done. The remaining anti-mission sentiments are mainly within the liberal denominations which no longer could send out any missionaries even if they wanted to, being unable to motivate sacrifice with their tepid faith." -- Rodney Stark, sociologist, in an interview published in Missiology

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SNU missions course materials and syllabi

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