Missions promotion assignment

"Hear this, all you peoples . . ." -- Psalm 49:1

An Introduction to Missions course assignment asks you to spend at least five hours during the semester publicizing and promoting a missions opportunity.

Activities to be promoted and publicized:

  1. SNU's mission trip opportunities like SIMS (recruiting is done in the fall; fund-raising in the spring)
  2. Mission Corps (formerly NIVS) -- year-long volunteers
  3. Commission Unto Mexico (Work & Witness trip over the New Year's holiday)

Suggestions for promotional activities

  1. Announcement in chapel
  2. Announcement/promotion in a local church
  3. Big banner in central "well" of the Commons building
  4. Bulletin boards (one in display cases in religion building hallway and one in Commons near student mailboxes)
  5. Bulletin boards in local churches
  6. Cafeteria table tents
  7. Door hangers on room doors in dormitories
  8. Helping raise prayer support and funds
  9. Flyers on bulletin boards
  10. Flyers posted in restrooms across campus
  11. Personal E-mails to friends and acquaintances
  12. Phone calls to past participants of Mexico trip
  13. Phone calls to local churches
  14. Skits in chapel
  15. Special chapel
  16. Table in commons to collect notes to send to overseas volunteers
  17. Table in commons to give out flyers and information on one of the events

Get permission first!

Before putting up flyers and banners anywhere on campus, get proper permission first.

"What is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the roofs" -- Matthew 10:27

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