Sample financial assistance policy

Want your church to give help to people going on short-term mission trips? Why not establish a clear policy that lays down clear expectations of who and how you're going to help with funding?

Here's one church's fund-raising policy statement:

First Christian Church, Phoenix, AZ

It is the desire of the Global Outreach Department of First Christian Church to offer financial assistance to people desiring to be part of an Outreach Adventure team and who have a financial need.

Since the Outreach budget is limited, and the needs around the world are so great, we encourage team participants to fund their trips by raising support from friends, family and personal funds.

Occasionally a team member cannot raise enough funds through fund-raising and does not have enough personal funds to pay for the balance of the trip. In such cases, the Global Outreach Department will consider giving financial assistance based on the following guidelines:

  1. The team member must be an active member of First Christian Church.
  2. The team member must have sent out a minimum of 70 letters to friends and family requesting financial assistance. A list of these people needs to be provided to the Global Outreach Department. The team member must also have done telephone follow-up with these people.
  3. If at least half of the published trip cost has been raised through support, the Global Outreach Department will match the amount of personal funds contributed by the team member if he/she requests assistance. No more than one-quarter of the published trip cost will be paid by the Global Outreach Department.
  4. If a team member raises more than enough money for the published cost of the trip through support donations and/or personal funds, any excess can be used to reimburse the team member for certain trip-related expenses. These expenses would include: passport, visa, immunizations. Original receipts must be supplied for each item for which reimbursement is requested. No reimbursement can be made if Outreach funds were used to finance the published trip cost.
  5. Any excess funds raised through support donations, and not used for reimbursement, will be put in the general Global Outreach account. These funds will not be designated for a specific purpose or individual.

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