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A source for the Christian community where individual Christians and church groups can practice loving others

Linwood and N. Western | Oklahoma City, OK 73109-1032 | (405) 239-6219

Mailing address: PO Box 2023, Oklahoma City, OK 73101

"A Compassionate Ministry - not an agency"

Nazarene Compassionate Ministries: Christian love is the distinguishing aspect in Love Link's specialized ministries to help the poor and homeless. When someone is given clothing, or food, or instructed in literacy, Love Link is trying to demonstrate Christ's love. It is for God's glory that we serve others. We trust the Holy Spirit to use each act of kindness to draw people closer to the Father.

Love Link Ministries ("Love Links" as it is frequently called) is located in the central part of Oklahoma City in the historic NuWay Clearners building.

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Your local Nazarene church can receive "10%" missions giving credit for your gifts even if they go directly to Love Link. Use the online point-to-point giving form on the Nazarene Global Ministry site.

Opportunities for service.

Clothes closet ministry:
At the beginning, Love Link had one room and bundles of clothes on tables and on the floor. Then we moved into a house with 188 linear feet of hanging space and several rooms for appliances and home products. In December, 1994, we moved into a much larger commercial building which greatly expanded our ability to serve the poor and the homeless. During one recent year we served local individuals and sent 3,000 pounds of clothing to flood victims, earthquake victims and other shelters in need.
Food pantry:
Each month we distribute sacks of fund to nnedy families. The families served with food baskets range from the elderly to those with very small children. Our food sources are donations and purchases through the Oklahoma City Food Bank.
We have had the privilege of serving out-of-town families who have had family members in area hospitals. We provide food, bedding, finances, and counseling. We also call as independent chaplains on those in hospitals who do not have pastoral guidance.
Area universities including Mid-American Christian University, Southern Nazarene University and the University of Oklahoma have approved Love Link as a center where students may obtain credit in certain classes.
Youth involvement:
We offer youth groups (local and out-of-town) an opportunity for community projects and ministry. In one recent 12-month period, we utilized nearly 400 youth in more than 5,000 hours of community ministry.


What is Love Link Ministries, Inc.?
Love Link is a non-profit religious/social organization that draws together resources to operate a center to help people in need -- low income, unemployed, the sick, the elderly, the illiterate, and many, others. It is a partner ministry to Churches of the Nazarene in Oklahoma City.
Where is Love Link located?
It is central Oklahboma City at the corner of N. Western and Linwood Boulevard in the historic old NuWay Cleaners and Laundry building.
Will Love Link give out money?
No, we do not give out cash. A food pantry and thrift store stocked with donated goods are open at the center. Other needs will be met through direct contact with landlords, utility companies and others.
How is Love Link Ministries supported?
Love Link Ministries is supported by donations of money and goods from churches and by tax-deductible contributions from individuals and businesses.
Haven't others been providing this kind of help?
Yes. Caring for the poor and marginalized is part of the Christian heritage. We believe that by working together and sharing resources we can be even more effective in helping the needy and homeless.
Does Love Link have companies like WalMart, Kohl's, and Homeland that regularly donate to it or does it solicit grants on a regular basis from companies like these?
We're not working this area of resources as much as we should. We need someone to help us. We did have a grocery store that regularly gave us stuff, particularly that which was about to go out of date. Unfortunately they went out of business (I don't think it was from giving us too much stuff!). We've also had a bakery that gave us stuff. In terms of grants, we have received them from some family foundations and from United Parcel Service (UPS).
Does Love Link have businesses that give a discounted price on the supplies being used in the ministry? If yes, then is it better to give you money for those supplies?
We have an office supply place (not one of the big names) that gives us a discounted price on office supplies. I wish we had a "scrounger" that would cultivate contacts with businesses and get several of them on board!
I suppose you've included the Southern Nazarene University athletic groups and campus clubs in your solicitations for help?
Groups regularly come from SNU to work and some of the clubs on campus have done an occasional fund raiser or food drive for us.
Does Love Link have groups that consistently provide help or goods on a regular basis?
We have several Southern Nazarene University students that help on a weekly basis. Several area Nazarene churches are strong supporters financially and with food. Among them are: Bethany First Church of the Nazarene, Choctaw Church of the Naarene, Lake View Park Church of the Naarene and Western Oaks Church of the Nazarene. For years, a Baptist church in Guthrie was extremely helpful with providing food. There are several small rural Nazarene churches in Oklahoma that also regularly help us. Cleo Springs, 30 miles west of Enid, is one that comes to mind.
In addition to cash donations from churches and individuals, where does Love Link get its income?
The rest of the needed funds came from our golf tournament, from resale shop sales and from companies renting storage space in the warehouse area of our large building.
If a group has a fund or food raiser, where do they deliver the goods?
Stuff can be delivered to 1122 Linwood Blvd.
I give used clothing and other stuff to one organization because they gave me a magnet with their phone number to put on my refrigerator and it makes it easy when I have a bag or two. Also, they pick up. Does Love Link pick up?
We don't have a regular system of picking up stuff, although it can be done. I do like the magnet idea.
When you say you buy food for the food pantry, do you mean from the food bank or is that donated and then you buy extra food to keep up your pantry?
The Food Bank does charge us for what we get (although it's far less than retail prices). They have a limit on what we can get from them and it's often less than what is needed. While we do get food donated from local churches, we often run short of certain items and we are obliged to purchase them.

Love Link is a Compassionate Ministry center of the Church of the Nazarene. Its sister centers include Friendly Chapel in North Little Rok, AR, Shepherd Commnity in Indianapolis, and Community of Hope in Washington, D.C. as well as Reaching Our City here in Oklahoma City.

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"Filled with compassion, Jesus reached out his hand and touched the man" — Mark 1:41

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