How to do "double entry notes"

"Double entry notes" on the textbook are required for some classes. They are also used, for instance, in the Bridge section of Cultural Anthropology for students needing to make up absences.

Here is what to do:

Using a full sheet of paper, turn in "double-entry" notes for the textbook section listed in the course syllabus. To do this, create two columns on a blank sheet of paper. At the top of the left column write: "Word, phrase or sentence from text." Above the right column, write: "Ah-ha, that reminds me of . . . This means . . ."

Special note for MCS students: Beginning with the chapter on Deism (number three), try to reflect on how you might share your Christian faith with someone of the worldview being described by that particular chapter.

Sample Double-Entry page

Note: The sample below was for a creative writing class. Your work will include words, phrases and sentences from your course textbook.

Double Entry Notes #4
Word, phrase or sentence from textbook   My comments: (such as Ah-ha, that reminds me of . . . or This means . . .)
Even talented writers get stuck

Writing is a "process."

Pre-writing, writing and revising

I thought that only happened to me!

I've always just written and turned it in

Sounds like too much work. This is going to be hard

I like this idea better than brainstorming or free-writing

Are you sure God is at work today?

pointing rightThere are five phenomena in our world today that create unique environments for the church to be active in its witness. [ more ]
-- Howard Culbertson,

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