Advent devotional: Are you ready?

The King is coming. That's the message of Advent. Are you ready?

One day during a Christmas season when our children were small we were praying together. In that prayer I thanked the Lord for His presence with us and said "amen."

A split second after my "amen" our five-year-old daughter cried out, "Presents? Where are the presents?"

The prospects of His presence -- Emmanuel, God with you -- should excite us. We ought to be even more thrilled than my daughter was when she thought some gift-wrapped packages had arrived. This is the coming of our Redeemer, of our Savior, of our Passover Lamb. Are you excited? Are you getting ready?

There's a century-old invitation gospel song that goes: "There's a great day coming . . . Are you ready for that day to come?" [ audio file ]

That Wil Thompson song from the late 1800's grabbed at people s hearts. Thousands (and perhaps millions) have come to Christ as Thompson's lyrics were being sung. Admittedly, the words weren't about Advent. They asked about being ready for the Judgment Day. Still, the song's question is a good one to ponder at Advent time: Are you ready? Am I ready?

The King is coming. Let's get ready.

Originally written for an Advent devotional booklet produced by Warr Acres Christ's Community Church of the Nazarene

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