A tool for learning about world religions

Word scramble 1: World Religions

Based on material about the study of religions and about Hinduism in chapters 1 and 7 of Neighboring Faiths by Winfried Corduan

Chasllenge: Even if you do not have the book, can you unscramble these words and make sure they are matched up with the right clues?

1. rlieinog

A system of beliefs and practices that provides values to give life meaning and coherence by directing a person toward transcendence
2. iorytvaeloun

The approach to understanding the origins of religion which assumes the religion has an essentially human origin and that it has followed a path of development from "primitive" to complex.
3. vsecjbetiu

An approach to the origins of religion which says that human beings have an instinctive interest in religion and that the seat of human religion is actually below conscious beliefs
4. nnarlmgshoooemiiti

The approach to the origins of religion which locates the beginnings of religion in God and which sees a decay over time into magic and ritual
5. itlrua

A series of repeated actions that are performed in order to bring about a desired result
6. reeafiossapsgt

The celebrations of various stages of life as people pass through them
7. aveds

The early sacred writings of Hinduism which are considered divinely-inspired and authoritative. The term itself means "knowledge."
8. seatc

The Hindu system which divides people into four rigidly-maintained social strata.
9. iiwadl

A Hindu festival of lights held in the autumn to honor a goddess
10. ramak

In Hinduism the concept of reincarnation is driven by this cause-and-effect "law."
11. ajpu

The daily Hindu worship ritual which ends with people having their foreheads marked with ashes and flower paste

    -- Howard Culbertson

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