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Review of missions films and videos by Howard Culbertson, Frank Dewey, Melanie Elder, Marty Michelson and John Zumwalt

We hope this listing will assist educators and students in selecting appropriate and inspirational material for classes, club and private viewing.

Classifications of videos are subjective. We welcome changes, additions and corrections.

Viewing guides have been developed for some specific films. There is also a generic, "one-size-fits-all" guide available for students to use.

  • A - Cultural Anthropology
  • C - Compassion issues
  • G - General interest
  • H - History of Missions
  • L - Linguistics
  • R - Religions of the World
  • S - Strategy of Missions
  • T - Theology and Biblical Basis of Missions

Video titles marked with an asterisk (*) are John Zumwalt's personal favorites
"But," he says, "I loved most of them...so just because it has no star does not mean it is bad...understand?"

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A Changing World
SNU library call number: BL625.S7
Nazarene Media, 15 minutes
A look at the challenges facing missionary work in central and eastern Europe after the fall of communism. Franklin Cook is Eurasia Regional Director for the World Mission Division of the Church of the Nazarene.
*AD 2000 and Beyond G S
SNU library call number: BV 3755 .I67 S44
Lausanne II in Manila, 1989, 11 minutes
Strong message: Get busy and finish the task of world evangelization. The importance of inter-mission cooperation. An overview of the major themes at Lausanne II, a world mission conference held in Singapore. Reactions from participants, including Ralph Winter. Well produced and interesting. The world Church taking the whole Gospel to the whole world." The issue here was the whole Church." Stress is on the need to work together. Thomas Wang says, "Now is the time to shift into high gear for world missions."
Abraham and His Children R
SNU library call number: BS 580 .A3 J48 and .A3 A27
Jewish Chautauqua Society, 1991, 23 minutes
An interfaith dialogue in which a Jew, a Muslim and a Christian look at the significance of Abraham and his family for their respective religious traditions. -- 2 copies
*The Abraham Connection G H T
SNU library call number: BV 2073 .A2
United States Center for World Mission, 1983, 22 minutes
Ralph Winter, missionary, founding faculty member of the School of World Mission at Fuller Theological Seminary, and founder and General Director of U.S. Center for World Missions, gives a fun and fantastic lecture. A bit hokey, but definitely worthwhile. I recommend it highly for everyone. This is a must study tape which shows how God's entire plans are revealed through Abraham's covenant, covenant which becomes the central theme of the entire Bible. In answering the question What is a blessing? Winter makes the point that what God gives us, we are to give intact to others. "If you can't see very far ahead, go ahead and move as far as you can see now."
to top of page*The Abraham Factor G T
SNU library call number: BV 2073 .A27
USCWM, 1983, 40 minutes
Don Richardson, author of Peace Child and Eternity in Their Hearts, notes in this lecture that God's covenant to Abraham has two equal parts. The "Top Line" of the Covenant is the fact that God wants to bless Abraham. With that comes a "Bottom Line" responsibility: Abraham is to reach out to all the peoples on the face of the earth. The lecture begins at Genesis 12:1-3 and lectures on top-line blessings received and the bottom-line responsibility to release blessings. [ viewing guide ] [ Peace Child video ]
Absolutely Double! H
SNU library call number: BV 6379 .A9
Megachurch Research Press, 1991, 35 minutes
In voice-over pre-recorded video scenes, John Vaughan explores the ministry of Sung Rak Baptist Church in Seoul, Korea. This megachurch pastored by Dr. Kim has 30,000 people in 10 services each Sunday. The church runs a retreat ministry, operates a phone counseling center, and is in charge of a seminary, among other ministries. This video looks at the strategies used in this fast growing church.
An Alabaster Heart S G
SNU library call number: BV 2595 .C6 H53
Nazarene World Missions Society, 1988, 30 minutes
Denominational promotion for Alabaster offerings, the fund raising program for property purchases and building construction in world areas. Of good quality and production.
And it was good soup
SNU library call number: BV3680 .A5
Lutheran Bible Translators, 1991, 33 minutes
The Yessan-Mayo people of Papua New Guinea
Animism: Living in the dreamtime R
SNU library call number: BL2610.A5 1996
From the Cambridge Educational "World Religions" series, 1996, 15 minutes
Aborigine families in Australia discuss their beliefs, including the concepts of Animism as they are incorporated into daily life. The importance of traditional rites is explained in the context of humanity's ongoing relationship to the physical and spiritual world.
Amma: The story of Amy Carmichael and the Dohnavur Fellowship
SNU library call number: BV 3269.C32 A7 2001
Vision Video, 2002, 50 minutes
Amy Carmichael, Irish missionary to south India from 1895 till her death in 1951, was horrified at Hindu child temple prostitution. So, she founded Dohnavur Fellowship to shelter and save them.
Beyond the Next Mountain
SNU library call number: BV2370 .B54 B4
Global Films, 1987, 97 minutes
Dramatized true story of Rochunga Pudaite who dreams of some day translating the Bible into his native Hmar tongue, the language of his people in northern India. [ viewing guide ]
Buddhism -- Religions of the World
SNU library call number: BL 80.2 .R455 1998, v. 1
Schlessinger Media, 1998, 50 minutes
Narrated by Ben Kingsley, this video gives the history of Buddhism and the basic teachings of its various streams.
to top of page*Building Cross-Cultural Relations / Ministering Cross-Culturally S L
SNU library call number: BV 2082 .B3
United States Center for World Mission, 35 minutes
Features Dr. E. Thomas Brewster as a talking head. An excellent discussion of successful language and culture acquisition. Notes that there is a difference between studying a language and actually learning it. Normal language acquisition is not an academic pursuit, but a social one. A prerequisite for anyone going overseas or who wishes to successfully "acculturate", minister cross-culturally, and develop an incarnational lifestyle. The challenge of missions today is for adventurers and explorers. Calls for an incarnational approach.
But I'll Be Eaten Up By Lions A G
SNU library call number: Curr. 266 B 983
Wycliffe Bible Translators, SIM, 1980, 22 minutes
A British production, so the humor (humour?) is a bit strange. Yet, it answers in its unique way some questions about missions, i.e.: What is a "call"? What about the health of our children? What about cultural destruction? Notes that God calls families. The statistics are out of date, but the message is valid. Good for discussion. Included are interviews with "real live missionaries."
Called -- To the Edge of Nowhere
SNU library call number: BV 3680 .N5 C3
Nazarene Publishing House, 1998, 13 minutes
To many people, Papua New Guinea is primitive and remote, but to the missionaries who live there, it is home. Verne and Natalie Ward, Joyce and Neville Bartle and others share the story of their lives and calling to the people of Papua New Guinea. This is a story of average people following God's call and who are making an extraordinary difference for the Kingdom.
The Calling: Story of Esther and Roger Winans G H
SNU library call number: BV 2372 .W5 C3
Church of the Nazarene, 1985, 55 minutes
A story of love, courage, faith, and sacrifice which tells, through the words of Esther Carson Winans diary, how the pioneer missionary Winans reached out to the Aguaruna Indians with God's love. It was filmed on the Peruvian coast and in the Amazon jungle where the actual story took place. [ viewing guide ]
Candle in the dark
SNU library call number: BV3269.C3
Christian History Institute, 1998, 97 minutes
Biography of William Carey, considered the Father of the Modern Missionary Movement [ viewing guide ] [ more on Carey ]
Celebrating the Day of the Dead A R
SNU library call number: GR115 .C45
Educational Video Network, 1992, 22 minutes
In the U.S. Halloween is a time for costumes and silliness, but The Day of the Dead is a serious affair in Mexico where relatives take the time to remember and honor deceased relatives. The film discusses the imposition of Spanish Catholicism on traditional Indian beliefs. Portions of the film are in Spanish with English subtitles.
to top of pageThe Challenge to end hunger C
SNU library call number: BV 639 .P6 C5
Food First/Institute for Food and Development Policy, 1987, 20 minutes
A slide show on VHS which looks at why people are hungry: those political, economic, and social reasons. The film is an eye-opener into a global system that perpetuates the problem. It shows the complexity of the hunger issue. While the film is to the left politically, it is very worthwhile.
Challenge to the NMI: Prayer for the Church
SNU library call number: BV 2595 .C6 C5
Nazarene Communications, 1989, 45 minutes
Dr. Louise Chapman at the 1989 Nazarene General Assembly. Rousing words from the late matriarch of missions.
Chance for Change C
SNU library call number: BV 2843 .N5 C5
Oxfam America. Late 1980's, 28 minutes
A good study of Oxfam's activities in Nicaragua. It is a bit politically left, but not offensively so. Of interest for justice, poverty, hunger, effects of war, agrimissions.
Children of Mexico A
SNU library call number: Curr 972.08 C536
1989, 26 minutes
Documentary program portrays life in Mexico from the perspective of a 12-year-old girl named Gloria.
China Discovery A
SNU library call number: DS721 .C56
KCTS Seattle, 1984, 27 minutes
Discusses Chinese technology and inventions throughout the ages.
CitiHope's Project Open Door: The Return C S
SNU library call number: BV 3269 .C5
International Video, 1987? 17 minutes
A gripping look into the tragedy of Chernobyl and its devastating aftermath...primarily focusing on the children. The goal of the video is for you to participate in providing medicine for their needs.
Civilization in Chiapas
SNU library call number: F1435 .C5
Encyclopaedia Britannica/Brigham Young University, 28 minutes
Documentary about the history and culture of the Mexican state of Chiapas.
Commissioned Unto Mexico
SNU library call number: Reserve COM
Produced by Mark Mann, SNU student, 1991
Footage with voice-over of SNU's first regional Work and Witness trip, the 1989-90 trip to Mexico City.
Cow-tail Switch
SNU library call number: Curr. 398.2 C874
Learning Corporation of America, 1970, 8 minutes
An animated Liberian folktale from the collection by Harold Courlander and George Herzog recounting the death and return to life of Ogaloussa, the hunter.
Cross-cultural communication: how culture affects communication
SNU library call number: Media HM 1211 .C75 2005
Odyssey Productions/Insight Media, 2005, 20 minutes, DVD
Charlton McIlwain, Cynthia Mitler, and Sue Collins examine issues in cross-cultural communication are examined including public behavior, taboos, power, stereotyping, time conceptualization, socialization, direct and indirect communication and high-context versus low-context cultures. [ viewing guide ]
Cry of the Unreached G
SNU library call number: BV 3151 .C79
Gospel for Asia, 1987, 48 minutes
In an address to an Atlanta Baptist Church, Indian evangelist K.P. Yohanan shares the challenge from his heart for a new wave of native missionary evangelists. K.P. shares much about his own spiritual journey and how he came to espouse the cause of indigenous missionaries in preference to expatriates. Speaks to need of changing our way of life, the way we spend our money, the way we dress, the books we own, and the cars we drive. [ PowerPoint on unreached people groups ]
Dadi's Family A
SNU library call number: HQ670 .D33 1662
PBS Video, 1981, 58 minutes
A look at the relationships a mother/mother-in-law in India has with her sons and their wives. Excellent footage of interactions during the family's daily routine.
*DAWN 2000 - 7 Million Churches To Go S
SNU library call number: AV BV 3380 .D3
DAWN movement, 1990, 20 minutes
Interviews with Donald McGavran, Jim Montgomery, and C. Peter Wagner. A great study in church growth, church planting and church multiplication. Well produced and very interesting. Calls for new John Knox-ers, people with the vision and call of John Knox who will pray "Give me (a specific country or people), lest I die!" Planting new churches is the way to evangelize.
Delivered from the power of darkness
SNU library call number: BV3373.T345
New Tribes Mission, 1997, 36 minutes
A story of victory the Taliabo people experienced over demonic forces. Answers very well questions like: Can Christians be demon possessed? Can spirits possess houses causing us problems? Do territorial demons hinder the work of the gospel?
*A Desert Blooms: The Muslim World G S R
SNU library call number: AV BV 2625 .D4
Zwemer Institute of Muslim Studies, 15 minutes
A great introduction to the Muslim world and the beliefs that shape it (the Five Pillars, for example: Faith, Prayers, Fasting, Alms and the Pilgrimage). A brief yet challenging discussion as to the church's efforts in evangelizing Muslims who are also out to win the world. Makes the point that most Muslims are not the fanatics seen demonstrating on television. Still, the controlling image of an Islamic believer is that of a "slave," unlike the Christian "son" or "daughter."
Divine Horsemen: The Living Gods of Haiti
SNU library call number: BL2530 .H3 D4
Mystic Fire Video, 1985, 52 minutes, VHS
Documentary of voudou, a religion of Haiti. Filmed in Haiti 1947-1951 by Maya Deren, this video presents animistic rituals performed by the Rada, Petro, and Congo cults, whose devotees commune with cosmic powers through invocations, sacrifices and possession. The narration is adapted from Deren's book by the same name. [ e-book on Haiti ]
Ee-taow!(sometimes misspelled as Etau)
SNU library call number: BV3680 .N5 E37
New Tribes Mission, 1989, 35 minutes (footage from the New Guinea story is only about 20 minutes)
The Mouk tribe of Papua New Guinea responds dramatically to the Gospel during chronological Bible teaching by a missionary couple who had been told by some that they were too old to become missionaries. In three months of teaching, twice a day, five days a week, no one in the village in New Guinea missed the stories. Emphasis was laid on telling the story of the Old Testament before getting to the story of Christ.
[ viewing guide ] [ purchase DVD ]
"EE-taow!" The Next Chapter
SNU library call number: BV3680 .N5 E38
Destination Summit/New Tribes Mission, 1993, 32 minutes
The continuing story of how the Mouk tribe of Papua New Guinea has responded to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, interspersed with interviews of missionary Mark Zook by John Cross.
[ viewing guide ] [ more info on orally communicating the gospel ] [ purchase DVD ]
Elmer Schmelzenbach H
SNU library call number: BV3505 .E6
Nazarene Communications, 1979, 40 minutes
Elmer Schmelzenbach preaches a message on Romans 1:16, "I am not ashamed of the Gospel" Into this message he incorporates stories of his childhood, persecution, salvation, victory and church growth in Africa.
Eternity Equation C
SNU library call number: E98 .M6
Twin Wells Indian School, 20 minutes
Well filmed, but the message is not culturally sensitive. A promotional film for the school. Use with wisdom and caution.
The Faith of Islam R
SNU library call number: BP170.3 .F3
The Common Table" series from Maryknoll World Video Library, 198?, 28 minutes
A Muslim religious leader and a Catholic missionary who worked and lived among Islamic faithful sit around a table and explain the basis tenets of Islam. Excellent footage from the pilgrimage to Mecca (where Abraham built a house) and related events such as the stoning of Satan ritual. "The only expiation for certain sins is standing at Mount Arafat." [ viewing guide ]
*Faith on the Firing Line G C S
SNU library call number: BV3625 .M65
Nazarene Compassionate Ministries, 1989, 26 minutes
Mozambique's cycle of war, famine and grief and what the Church of the Nazarene is doing. A good study of the Church in the midst of brutality, hardship, violence and famine. Filmed on location in Mozambique, the tour guide is Steve Weber. Has personal profiles about people who've been affected by bandits and terrorists and forcibly moved to relocation camps. Good film.
Faiths in Conflict
Wycliffe Media, 23 minutes
Interviews of Mustafa and Hassina Kahn, two Muslims, who discuss why living in America for several years had convinced them they would never want to become Christians. The film shows both similarities and differences between Islam and Christianity.
Fiestas Mexicanas! A R
SNU library call number: GT4814.S53 1992
Educational Video Network, 1992, 30 minutes
Experience the fiestas of Mexico: Cinco de Mayo, Day of the Dead, Flag Day, and many more. Get a taste of the rich expressions of Mexico's popular culture, indigenous past, religious fervor and a deep-rooted sense of tradition and community.
Final Frontiers G S H
SNU library call number: BV 2120 .F55
Frontier Media Productions / USCWM, 19 minutes
The basics of the three waves of missions. William Carey began a new wave of evangelism in the late 1700's. Hudson Taylor led a push to the inland areas beginning in 1865. In the 1930's came Townsend and McGavran. An overall view of strategy and the history of missiological strategy. Emphasis on unreached peoples, noting that the gospel has been to every country, but not to every ethne. [ PowerPoint on unreached people groups ] Video: First Fruits
Finding God's Will ("Life on the Edge" series)
SNU library call number: BJ1188.L5
Though not strictly a "missions video," this lecture by James Dobson on finding the will of God can be very useful to youthful believers seeking to know if God wants them on the mission field.
First Fruits G H C
SNU library call number: BV 2560 .F5
Feature film, late 1980's, 70 minutes [ purchase video: Vision Video ]
Good. History of the Moravians (who began with John Hus being burned at the stake in 1415) and their first missionaries who go to the island of St. Thomas to evangelize the slaves. A slow moving film, it tells of their struggles to identify with the people in the West Indies and share God's love with them. The best quote comes from a friend of Zinzendorf's: "Venture all for Christ, He is worthy of giving even your life."
"This was an awesome movie." -- John Evans
Five Hardest Questions G S A L
SNU library call number: BV 2061 .F5
Wycliffe Bible Translators, 1970's, 50 minutes
Footage of Wycliffe missionaries at work who are each asked five questions: 1) are missionaries tools for western imperialism? 2) God says He will take care and provide for you. How have you experienced this? 3) What type of skills are most necessary for a translator to have? 4) Do you think it's fair to raise your children here? 5) Would you make the same decision again? A good introduction to translation and its problems in Canada, Mexico, and the Philippines. A fantastic view into everyday life of the missionary.
Video viewing guide
Following the Footsteps I. H
SNU library call number: BV 2595 .C6 F51
Nazarene World Missionary Society, 1990, 52 minutes
A historical look at NMI via interviews with Dr. Mary Scott, missionary to China 1940-49 and General NMI Director 1950-75, and Dr. Louise Chapman. Part one is an interview with Dr. Mary Scott. She was a missionary to China from 1940-49, and General NMI Director from 1950-75. Mary Scott speaks of the challenges, victories, development, growth, and workings of NMI, in the past, present and future. Part two is an interview with Dr. Louise Chapman. She was a missionary to the Republic of South Africa from 1920-24, missionary to Swaziland from 1926-40, and NMI President from 1948-64. Louise Chapman tells of her memories of the out-pouring of the Holy Spirit on the missionary field. She speaks also of her pleasure with General Budget (now called World Evangelism Fund) and the benefits of the system.
Following the Footsteps II H
SNU library call number: BV 2595 .C6 F52
Nazarene World Missions Society, 1990, 53 minutes
An historical look at NMI via interviews with Betty Sedat, a translator and missionary to Guatemala 1945-83, and Elizabeth Cole, a missionary nurse to leprosy patients in Swaziland, 1935-73. Betty Sedat gives her testimony, telling of her upbringing, call, consecration, marriage, and work in Guatemala as a translator. Part Two is a testimony by Elizabeth Cole. She speaks of her upbringing, education, call, trials and work while in Swaziland.
Four Square Feet of Sunshine C S
SNU library call number: TJ 810 .F6
University Media Services/CSU, 1985, 18 minutes
This video is a presentation on the use of solar box cookers that can be used in areas where cooking fuel is scarce, such as deforested countries. It was the result of a project between California State University of Sacramento and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The goals are to establish guidelines for using cookers to cook foods that are typically found in third world countries, and for producing pure water from contaminated sources. The video explains how to assemble and use the solar box cooker as well as looking at the benefits it would have in the third world.
Friend-Raising: Building a Missionary Support Team that Lasts
SNU library call number: BV2081 .B262 1977
Betty Barnett / Youth with a Mission, 1977, 22 minutes
General Budget For His Kingdom G
SNU library call number: BV 2595 .C6 G4
Nazarene Media, 1991, 30 minutes
Missionary Linda Seaman explains through personal examples how support from the home church is important to the missionary.
Glad Sacrifice G
SNU library call number: BV 3147 .G6
Gospel for Asia, 1990, 23 minutes
Reveals facts behind Asia's exotic religions and the real cause of much of Asia's poverty and struggle. Follow M. Paulose, a native missionary in India, who daily risks his life in a hostile area to share the gospel.
God is Building a City G S
SNU library call number: BV 637 .G69
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, 1989, 14 minutes
Reveals how our world is becoming less a world of independent countries, and more a world of interconnected, international, multi-cultural cities. Through the insight of urban experts, Ray Bakke, Craig Ellison, Floyd McClung, and George McKinney, you can begin to understand your urban future and your role in God's urban world. "You've got an urban future whether you like it or not!"
The Gods Must Be Crazy A
SNU library call number: PN1997 .G626
20th Century Fox, 1984, 109 minutes
An empty Coke bottle drops from the sky near an African hunter. He takes it back to his village. The bottle's presence causes so much trouble that he tries to return the bottle to the gods who must have dropped it. Humorous look at clash between cultures.
Gods of India: Helping Christians Understand India and Hinduism
SNU library call number: BL 1202.G62 1997
Procla-Media Productions, 1997, 12 minutes, DVD
The first half is a look at Hinduism and its creeds, practices and class system; the second half is a challenge to Christians to pray for and to be involved in evangelizing India. Includes interviews with Christian leaders from India. Viewing guide
Going International: Beyond Culture Shock A S
SNU library call number: G156.5 .C5 G61, Vol. 3
Copeland Griggs Productions, 30 mins.
Video viewing guide
Going International: Safely A S
SNU library call number: AV G156.5 .C5 C61
Copeland Griggs Productions, 1987, 30 minutes
Provides basic security awareness information for travelers. Alerts the traveler to the most common dangers, shows how to reduce risk and what to do in an emergency. While produced for the business traveler, it has an introduction by David Hayse of Nazarene World Missions. So, there is some excellent information to those going on mission trips.
Going International: Bridging the Culture Gap
SNU library call number: E184.2 .B75
Copeland Griggs Productions, 1983, 28 min
Intended to help families adjust to living abroad through exploration of cultural and business practices in various foreign countries. Illuminates cultural differences to which Americans must become attuned if they are to be accepted in their new homes.
*Good News for the Poor G C S
SNU library call number: BV 0639 .P6 G65
World Vision, 1989, 16 minutes
Produced for Lausanne II at 2100 Productions. It identifies who are the poor, what is the Good News of the Kingdom of God, and what are the implications of the Good News for the Church. Very Biblically based with an eye to today's world. Good balance between intellectual appeal and emotional appeal. Well produced. "Unless we serve the poor, we do not serve Him."
*The Good Seed G S A C H L
SNU library call number: BV 2835.2 .G55
Wycliffe Bible Translators, 1986, 30 minutes
Actual footage from the amazing story of how the Tzeltal tribe in Southern Mexico and the Payas in Colombia found the living God. How two women were used by God to start a movement that brought over 48,000 people to Christ, forming 382 churches. From there the Tzeltals "sent" these two women as their missionaries to the Payas of the mountains in Colombia.
[ purchase video ]
Great Commission Investment Fund G
SNU library call number: BV 2595 .C6 G64
Nazarene Stewardship services, 1987, 30 minutes
Rev. Glen Van Dyne hosts this video which is a study of the Nazarene dollar. Eighty percent of the General Budget (now called World Evangelism Fund) goes to world missions, helping to make possible ministry and the fulfilling of the Great Commission around the world. This video encouraged people to think of what was called the General Budget as the Great Commission Investment Fund, and to think of people rather than dollar signs. It features comments by Louise Chapman, Steve Weber, David Hayse, Nina Gunter, George Rench and Linda Seaman.
Great Religions of our World
SNU library call number: Media BL80.G95
1993, 33 minutes
Relativistic look at Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, and Taoism.
Video viewing guide
Harvest of Hunger C
SNU library call number: HC 9000.5 .H 37
Oxfam America, 1987, 20 minutes
A slide show on VHS. OK, discusses the issues of hunger.
The Heartbeat of Our Mission
SNU library call number: BX8699.N5 H4
Nazarene Media International, 1993, 22 minutes
Overview of Nazarene Compassionate Ministries. Documents types of needs of disaster and civil war victims to which NCM responds. Includes stories of responses by meeting immediate needs of clean water, food, tents, sheets and medicines as well as helping them become self sufficient in Central America, Haiti, Eastern Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, as well as in the United States.
History of Orthodox Christianity
SNU library call number: BX290.H57
Gateway Films, Three 30-minute tapes
Hong Kong: Gateway to the Future G
SNU library call number: BV 2595 .C6 .H6
Nazarene Media International, 1989, 18 minutes
NMI 75th anniversary offering project of "Evangelism: Hong Kong and beyond."
How to speak Italian without saying a word
SNU library call number: HV2474 .H847 1991
DePaolo Productions and Southside Entertainment, 1991, 40 minutes
Demonstration of 30 or so Italian hand gestures; communicating with body language
*Hudson Taylor G H
SNU library call number: BV 3427 .T3 H84
Ken Anderson Films / distributed by Vision Video / Gateway Films, 1989, 88 minutes [ viewing guide ]
Great images of a missionary pioneer's life who founded the Overseas Missionary Fellowship. "The church is asleep. Armchairs and sofas and the comforts of life seem more important than the millions of perishing souls" -- J. Hudson Taylor. An excellent glimpse into some of the struggles and joys of the mission field. Interesting and moving. It recounts some of the early years of J. Hudson Taylor who was one of the greatest missionaries ever. "God's work done in God's way," said Taylor, "will not lack God's supply." He also said: "God always gives His very best to those who leave the choice with Him." [ purchase video ] [ other Hudson Taylor quotes ]
Human Touch G S
SNU library call number: BV2070 .M276
Overseas Missionary Fellowship, 1992, 25 minutes
Individuals from all occupations are called to use their talents and career training as an opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus to people in other countries. Answers the question: Why leave a good job and become a missionary?
Islam R
SNU library call number: BP161.2 .I8
Smithsonian Institution and WETA-TV, 1987, 58 minutes
Host David McCullough examines the principles and beliefs that guide the Muslim way of life. Includes interviews with Islam experts who discuss the Judeo-Christian roots of this religion and examine its scientific and artistic achievements and its current resurgence.
Islam: Unlocking the Door R
SNU library call number: BV2625 .I8
Zwemer Institute/World Vision, 1981, 35 minutes
Reviews basic Islamic history, misconceptions about this religion, then how to reach them with Christianity. Uses the great analogy of a key/locksmith and needing to design the right key for unique situations. IT IS DATED with references to "Soviets." Notes that in a recent period of time, 650 churches in England closed while at the same time 300 new mosques were opened.
Islam: Sacrifice to Allah
SNU library call number: BP42 b .I85 2004
From the Cambridge Educational "World Religions" series, 1996, 15 minutes
Shows how Islamic beliefs and rituals are observed in Egypt as a family returns to their village to commemorate Abraham's sacrifice of a ram. The importance of the village festival is examined from both religious and social perspectives.
*Jesus, Messiah for All Peoples. G T
SNU library call number: BV 2061 .J4
Perspectives on World Christian Movement, 1983, 55 minutes
Don Richardson, author of Peace Child, [ Peace Child video ] Lords of the Earth, Eternity in their Hearts, and frontier missionary to Irian Jaya, gives a very worthwhile lecture. His humor may seem a little hokey but it is great material. His scenario fleshing out Jesus' encounter with the Syrophoenician woman in Mark 7:24-30 is a highlight. [ viewing guide ]
Language (The art of communicating series)
SNU library call number: P140 .L2 2005
Films for the Humanities and Sciences
Language and Communication A L
SNU library call number: P 90 .L36
Insight Media, 1983, 30 minutes
This program shows how the feelings and aspirations of every culture are expressed in the sounds and movements which constitute language.
Video viewing guide
LA Thrust
SNU library call number: BV2595 .C6 L3
Nazarene Communications, 1987, 15 minutes
Light in the Ocean: The Manam Story
Wycliffe Bible Translators, 1997, 16 minutes
Living at the base of an active volcano has always been a way of life for the Manam people of Papua New Guinea. On December 3, 1996, an eruption brought havoc to their lives. It happened only hours after the first copies of the Manam New Testament had been delivered to the island. This is a story of the perseverance of the Bible translators and their obedience to God.
Light the Window
SNU library call number: AV BV2060 L.55
Christian Information Network, 1995, 38 minutes
Tells the story of Praying Through the Window, a global prayer movement sponsored by the United Prayer Track of A.D. 2000 and Beyond.
Lord of the Dance
SNU library call number: GV1601 .D3, Vol. 2
Thirteen/WNET, 1993, 58 minutes
What cultural beliefs have shaped the great traditions of sacred and secular dance? This program examines dances of Christian groups in Spain, India and the Yoruba religion in Nigeria. Dialogue in English, Russian and Hindu. Voiceover in English.
Lord's Handiwork, The
SNU library call number: BT695.5 .R53
part 3 of a documentary from Hugh Ross' Reasons to Believe, filmed by Trinity Broadcasting Network, 60 minutes total
The last third of this hour-long tape is an interview with missiologist Don Richardson discussing what creation has revealed to ancient civilizations and remote peoples of today. One of the bothersome questions addressed is: What about those peoples to whom the gospel has never been explained?
Magical Curing A R S
SNU library call number: BV 3680 .N5
filmed and narrated by William Mitchell, 1988, 17 minutes
A black and white film from a purely anthropological basis about the Waope people of New Guinea. An interesting study in animistic or traditional religion. Christians should view for understanding and discuss the contextualization of the Gospel. Helps to understand the bondage of demons and clarify what the Good News really means, releasing the captives and breaking the power of death. Fascinating to watch. A man slips into eternity and becomes a God-spirit to the village.
Mexican Family Celebrations
SNU library call number: F 1210 .N49
Educational Video Network, 1994, 20 minutes
A look inside Mexico's social life and customs with a focus on some Mexican family celebrations such as baptisms, birthdays, weddings, Quinceaneras and the Day of the Dead (Oct. 31) [ viewing guide ]
Mexican Popular Customs A R
SNU library call number: GT4814.M48 1993
Educational Video Network, 1993, 25 minutes
Passion, art and style find their ways into the daily interactions among friends and family members in Mexico. Unique customs and institutions are highlighted.
The mind and the brain: language
SNU library call number: AV QP376 .M5 vol. 9
PBS video, 1988, 32 minutes
Missionary: The Garmans
SNU library call number: Media BV 2853 .M57
Nazarene Media International, 30 minutes
Larry and Addie Garman, along with their children, reminisce about their years as missionaries to the Indians in the Amazon River valley of Peru. A tour of their mission station is given showing the Nazarene Clinic and church they established.
"Missionary Mandate" and "The Gospel as Public Truth"
SNU library call number: BX 9079 .L43 1999
Gateway Films / Vision Video, 1999, 90 minutes total
Two of Lesslie Newbigin's last messages which were given at Samford University's Beeson Divinity School in 1997. Newbigin's sermon on "The Missionary Mandate" will arouse new commitment among those who take seriously the message and mission of Jesus Christ.
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