Case study reflection

Processing Youth group sponsors and the male stripper

There are two areas of discussion which this case study should provoke:

  1. How should church leaders handle potentially explosive events?
  2. At what level does the church get involved in drawing the line at acceptable and unacceptable behavior? Is it any of the church's business what its members do "on their own time"?

Use these questions to begin processing individually or in a group the case study of the aftermath of an incident involving local youth group sponsors.

  1. Who are the principal figures and what is at stake for them?
  2. What general principles do we use to navigate through explosive situations like this?
  3. How can the church best "be the church" when things like these happen?
  4. Is this one of those times when . . .
    1. church leaders need to act pastorally and smooth things over and get beyond a regrettable incident?
    2. church leaders need to be prophetic and clearly reject unacceptable behavior?
  5. What are the dangers in following the course of action you would suggest?
  6. Take the event one step further: Suppose you were the pastor and Jan came to you with this story, what would you do?
  7. Did the idea of hiring a stripper as entertainment undermine or at least trivialize — even if unconsciously — the moral convictions/positions of the party's organizers?

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