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Links to Internet resources on short term missions

  • Tax information — IRS deductibility for U.S. taxpayers:
         What mission trip participants from the U.S.A. pay for their expenses while they are serving as volunteers with a non-profit organization is considered a tax deductible contribution. The Internal Revenue Service has allowed people to deduct out-of-pocket expenses directly related to voluntary service (including lodging and meals when an overnight stay is involved). To be sure you are getting the right tax deduction, check with your professional tax attorney or preparer.
         The monetary value of your time is not deductible.
  • Insurance and medical issues
  • LinksInternet resources on witnessing, personal evangelism and conflict management

    Printed STM resources

    Nazarene Missions International has published a number of small paperback books on short term missions. In chronological order, these include:

    While these are all out-of-print, they can be obtained through used bookstores.

    SNU missions course materials and syllabi

    Cultural Anthropology    Introduction to Missions    Linguistics    Missions Strategies    Modern Missionary Movement (History of Missions)    Nazarene Missions    Church Growth and Christian Missions    Theology of Missions    Traditional Religions    World Religions
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