Celebrating the Schmelzenbach legacy

Needed: one million dollars in endowment monies

We dream of keeping the legacy of missionary Harmon Schmelzenbach alive on the SNU campus by naming the School of Theology and Ministry after him.

To be able to call our religion department by his name, we need to put together endowments totaling one million dollars to:

  1. Provide scholarships
  2. Fund the internship program
  3. Pay student assistants
  4. Furnish classroom resources.

Harmon Schmelzenbach is an alumnus of one of the schools that became what is now Southern Nazarene University. Wouldn't it be great to honor the memory of this pioneer missionary to Africa by naming our religion department after him while also providing resources to educate future missionaries, evangelists and pastors?

Help us pray in this funding! We can use $1 gifts. We can use $10,000 gifts.

Funds should be sent directly to Southern Nazarene University via check or even donated online. They should be clearly marked for the "Harmon Schmelzenbach SoTaM Endowment"

Susan Fitkin: the lady who created Nazarene Missions International

Next Schmelzenbach was one of the first in a long line of Nazarene missionary heroes. Many of these would not have made it to the mission field, however, without the resources provided by their home churches. The key figure in the birth and development of the support organization was Susan Fitkin. [ read more ]


Internet resources on Schmelzenbach's life and ministry

Missionary prospector: A life story of Harmon Schmelzenbach, a book-length biography written by Harmon's wife after his death, is available on the Internet at: http://wesley.nnu.edu/ wesleyctr/books/0801-0900/HDM0802.PDF

SNU missions course materials and syllabi

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