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"I appreciate your obvious passion for missions. I'm a Baptist preacher who has planted a church in Indiana. That work finished, my wife and I are now considering church-planting on a foreign field. Your 10 ways to avoid becoming a missionary are very challenging."
    --John C., Indiana USA
"I feel I'm being led to begin a weekly missions class for the children of our church. Your web site has been so helpful! I'm trying to incorporate different country and cultural information for the kids, but also seeking info on missionaries for the kids to write, to make it personal."
    --Paula M., West Virginia, USA
"Your site is such a valuable resource for me as missions president of my church."
    --Janell W., Oregon USA
"What a wonderful help it's been to find your web site! Thanks for a fabulous site. God was good to let me stumble onto it!"
    --Cheryl L., North Carolina, USA
"Thank you for your awesome web site. It has helped this NMI President a great deal with suggestions and information."
    --Dorine L., New Jersey, USA
"Recently I came across your web site, and have been enjoying the various helpful and interesting articles found there."
    --Paul E., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"I really like your web poll Quizlet"
    --Gary D., Los Angeles, California, USA
"I have your site linked into our church web site. You have lots of information. You are a blessing and encouragement."
    --Marge R., California, USA
"Your site is great ! You have restored my hope for the future of Nazarene World Missions!"
    --Kristi S.
"I stumbled onto your web site from the NMI home page -- it is excellent! Thanks for your incredible site."
    --Paul R., Indiana, USA
"In looking at your web site I been impressed with the volume of information and thoroughness with which you explore missions."
    --Jack L., Arkansas, USA
"Thank you for your PowerPoint presentations. I am giving a presentation on Jehovah's Witnesses to my community college "Religious Traditions" class, and your outline has been so helpful to me and my group. My family was Jehovah's Witnesses at one time. Your slides were wonderful -- and sensitive to the plight of these people whom I believe are being misled."
    --Rosemarie S., Florida, USA
"I really enjoyed browsing through your web site. There is a great deal of helpful material here."
    --Laura, Pennsylvania
"I have just visited your web site and was blessed by my visit. I would like to compliment you on your great design and easy-to-navigate site. The pages are filled with love and warmth from God."
    --Stephen T.
"Thanks for all your work for the Kingdom. It's pretty clear to me that the path most people choose for their lives is shaped by what they learn in college and the resulting decisions they make. Keep steering them toward giving themselves to what really matters -- obeying God and laboring in the Harvest."
    --Lori C.

SNU missions course materials and syllabi

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