Commitment or rules on how to treat the Bible

My friend Steven Troutman shared with me this page from a Bible given to him by his parents when he was a boy.

  1. I will read my Bible every day.
  2. I will study my Bible to learn its meaning.
  3. I will rememorize choice portions from my Bible.
  4. I will obey the commandments in the Bible.
  5. I will show reverence for the Bible, for it is God's Holy Word.
  6. I will not placd books or papers on the Bible.
  7. I will not use my Bible as a place to collect things.
  8. I will mark only important things in my Bible.
  9. I will handle my Bible with clean hands and turn its pages gently.

My Bible Pledge

I pledge allegiance to the Bible, God's holy Word, and will make it a Lamp unto my feet, a Light unto my path, and hides its word in my heart, that I may not sin against God.

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