Short-term mission trip debriefing and re-entry

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"He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus" -- Philippians 1:6

     During and after a short-term mission trip, leaders will often "debrief" participants. Debriefing is a primary strategy used to decrease the negative effects of being out of one's comfort zone as well as helping people incorporate long-term positive changes in attitude and even lifestyle. In a "debriefing" a leader reviews the purposes of the the mission trip, encourages the participant to ask questions about the experiences, and allows the leader to address any unresolved issues that have resulted from the mission trip. Mission trip participants need to understand that the host of reactions they are experiencing are normal. The participants as well as family and friends need to understand that one good way for people to process what happened to them is to tell and re-tell their mission trip stories.
     Good debriefing and re-entry preparation will ensure that mission trip participants understand that a short-term mission experience is not just a dot on the timeline of someone's life. a self-contained event in one's life. Rather than being a self-contained event, mission trip participants must see how that trip fits into their life-long discipleship journey.

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How to debrief: Keys to a Quality Debriefing

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