"What would we do about it if the 66,000 who die every day in unreached people groups were individuals trapped in a well?" -Phil Bogosian

What can you do to reach those still unreached?

Here's five things you can start doing today.

Model wartime stewardship
Give all you can to missions. How? Try living on the same salary as a missionary. Give the rest of what you make to world evangelism. [ Faith Promise giving ] [ Creative frugality ]
Be an intercessor.
Paul urged his readers to pray for him. In several of his letters he said that he had been praying for them as well. [ praying for missionaries ]
Join up
Sign on with your local church's missions promotion group
Zeal and focus can be hard to maintain on your own. So, work and pray with others. That may protect you from running out of steam and it will certainly multiply your impact.
Enlist others
Multiply yourself
Think of yourself as a recruiting officer for the Lord's army.
Are your Christian friends and family members plugged into God's global purpose? [ Missions in the Bible ]
What if every person with missionary zeal reproduced his or her vision in just one other person? Imagine the prayer and giving you could generate by enlisting your friends and family in the cause of world evangelism.
Focus. Focus. Focus.
Be focused rather than frenzied.
Act strategically. Don't get caught up in frenzied activity that only annoys those around you and burns you out rather than moving the church toward its long-term goals.

"This gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations" -- Matthew 24:14

What can one church do?

NextInvolvement by local churches in reaching the unreached includes "adopting" an unreached people group. [  read more ]

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