Exam 2: Christian Thought

Working through this crossword puzzle will help you in studying for Christian Thought exam #2

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2 Toward what did Wesley say every believer should be moving
6 Community of believers
7 What is one way of translation "soteria" (Greek) in addition to "salvation"?
8 What God will do in the "holy city" seen by John
9 External and visible sign of an inner and spiritual grace
12 The mark or sign of the church that emphasizes the uninterrupted line of witnesses
13 The process whereby we come to be what God wishes us to be
14 A belief that the interventions of God in history can be divided into a scheme or series of seven periods
15 Study of End Times
17 A man who believed that the God who sent Jesus Christ was not the same one who had made this world and who had been revealed to Israel
18 The atonement theory that may be very difficult to envision by us modern people who are used to thinking in terms of a world in which there are no more realities than those that we see
1 He coined the phrase "outside the church there is no salvation"
3 Study of the church
4 The atonement theory centered on the idea of Jesus as payment for sin which can lead to a depiction of God as austere, demanding, wrathful and vindictive
5 For these people Jesus was purely divine spirit while his humanity only seemed real
10 The man who declared that Jesus was physically human but that the Word of God occupied the place of the human mind
11 The image of the church that reminds us of the close relationship that must exist among Christians
16 One facet of God's nature which has to be coordinated with His justice

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