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This series of devotional thoughts was first published in the "Transmitter," a publication of the Nazarene Amateur Radio Fellowship (NARF).


Dead microphone

     It was a great idea: Barbara, KC4CHB, would take our little HT to the Junior High Quiz meet across Oklahoma City. She could then alert me as to when our daughter would be quizzing. The clock ticked away and I heard nothing from her.
     When she got home, she wondered why I hadn't answered her call. We discovered that the HT's tiny microphone had gone bad. She could key up the repeater, but that's all. The microphone had to be replaced.
     Jesus wants to use us to communicate with a rebellious and often hurting world. Let's keep our spiritual equipment in top shape so that when He wants to use us as His mouthpiece, we'll be ready.

    -- Howard Culbertson, N0FOL



     Invariably, when someone gets interested in amateur radio it's because of someone who already holds a ham license. An experienced amateur ratio operator becomes an "elmer," offering everything from encouragement to technical expertise, advice on buying that first radio, even getting out and putting up and testing an antenna.
     It's the same way with the Kingdom of God. Most often, people come to the Lord and mature in the Christian walk through the influence of someone else "a bridge of God," as Donald McGavran calls our friendship and kinship webs. My influence counts for a great deal, whether it is interesting people in amateur radio or influencing them to enter the Kingdom.

    -- Howard Culbertson, N0FOL


Bracing for the wind

     Scott, N5ASD, wasn't very enthusiastic about my dream of a tall tower and a beam antenna. "You get some pretty stiff winds there in Oklahoma," he said.
     In spite of Scott's cautions, I still want to put up that tri-bander. Though I see lots of beam antennas around Oklahoma, I think I see more wind damage elsewhere in the country. Maybe with all the winds we have, we Okies know we have to build to withstand a lot.
     In our spiritual lives, let's not merely hope that calm weather bracing will be enough. Let's build our inner spiritual strength so that it can withstand ANY worst-case scenarios.

    -- Howard Culbertson, N0FOL

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