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This series of devotional thoughts was first published in the "Transmitter," a publication of the Nazarene Amateur Radio Fellowship (NARF).


Share the Good News

     Nazarene General Assembly is an exciting event. There's always lots of activity going on. As a result, last summer in Indianapolis, I found myself occasionally wanting to be two places as once.
     During most of the balloting for the two new General Superintendents, I was working in the World Mission exhibition area. NARF members inside the Hoosier Dome relayed the results of each ballot to the NARF base station. Over in the exhibition hall I listened in with my Kenwood 2600. The word spread quickly that I had communications with the dome. So every time ballot results were transmitted, I had a crowd gathered around me.
     I have other news that's more important to share. Lord, lead me to and make me sensitive to those who are hungry to hear the Good News you have transmitted.

    -- Howard Culbertson, N0FOL


If only

     We just returned from Mexico City. With 142 people, it was at that time the largest Work and Witness group ever. Organized by Southern Nazarene University, that mission trip was the first of what became an annual event. [ more on Commission Unto Mexico ]
     The size of the group and the multiplicity of project sites across Mexico City made coordination difficult. Several times I found myself saying: "If only we had taken time to find a way to put a ham with 2-meter equipment with each 15-member team."
     "If only." What sad words those can be.
     They're very sad when used in the spiritual realm:

     Let's ask the Lord to help us avoid those sad if only's.

    -- Howard Culbertson, N0FOL



     "I couldn't make out one word," the visitor to my ham shack said. "How did you do that?"
     There was some QRM that day. The distractions crowding in on my frequency so disoriented my shack visitor that he completely missed my contact that day. Though I chewed the rag for several minutes, my shack visitor had not caught even one word from the other end. His reaction surprised me. Like most radio amateurs, I had learned to concentrate, to somehow bore a tunnel through enough interference to make successful contacts even on heavy traffic days.
     It can be like that spiritually. The many voices of life crowd in on heaven's frequency. They can distract you, keep you from hearing that "still, small voice" God often uses. As a Christian, I must learn to concentrate on understanding the divine signal.

    -- Howard Culbertson, N0FOL

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