Amateur radio devotionals, page 4

This series of ham radio devotional thoughts was first published in the "Transmitter," a publication of the Nazarene Amateur Radio Fellowship (NARF).


QTH: Port-au-Prince, Haiti - Rescue at sea

     I sat glued to my radio as the small boat owner called for help. His stricken boat was taking on water. And his only communications link was on the amateur bands. Propagation wasn't all that good and he was only able to operate QRP.
     Alerted by other amateur operators, the U.S. Coast Guard took control of the frequency although because of poor propagation they wound up having to continually ask for help from amateur operators.
     Eventually, the news came that a helicopter was hovering over the sinking craft. What a rescue operation I listened to that day!
     That, of course, is what Christmas is about. It is the climatic moment in an incredible rescue operation with us at the center. As Christmas nears once again, let me wish you a joyous time as together we celebrate God's rescue mission that saved us.

    -- Howard Culbertson, HH2HC


Hearing His voice

     Interstate 40 across eastern Oklahoma was a mess. Freezing rain turning to ice had cut travel speeds to 30 MPH. I was running over an hour late.
     In its scanning mode my 2M Kenwood picked up a strong repeater. I was headed to Alma, a tiny dot on the Arkansas map. Without much hope of finding someone to relay a message of my lateness I picked up the 2M microphone.
     To my surprise, KSVR, Stan Ross, answered my CQ. "You're supposed to eat supper at my house," he said.
     A sense of relief flooded over me. Even as he gave me directions I broke out of the freezing conditions and into a normal wet drizzle. I relaxed and speeded up.
     Our relationship to God is sometimes like that. As life's troubles buffet us, our palms can grow sweaty on the treacherous road. Then, out of the storm comes the Master's Voice: "You'll soon be at my house. I'm looking forward to sitting down and talking with you." What a relief and assurance His voice always brings.

    -- Howard Culbertson, HH2HC


Always on frequency

     I've got a 2M rig in the car I used in missionary deputation travels. During a recent tour of the Central California district I was scheduled to be with Art Moore, KE6TU. I needed directions to his house. So I decided to try to call him as I neared Oakdale.
     But, alas! The ARRL repeater directory listed several repeaters in his area. How was I to know which one Art might be monitoring?
     It's different with the Lord. I don't have to hunt around for Him. I don't have to ask someone else to try to get Him up on "frequency." He's always monitoring my frequency.

    -- Howard Culbertson, HH2HC

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