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This series of ham radio devotional thoughts was first published in the Transmitter, a publication of the Nazarene Amateur Radio Fellowship (NARF).


FULL POWER: Bedsprings for an antenna

     I recently met a Haitian who has been in Amateur Radio a long time. He prides himself in having built all of his own equipment. He told me that when he put together his first radio, all he had available for an antenna was a set of metal bedsprings. So, he used those bedsprings and managed to have QSO's with amateurs from all over the globe. He got as good a result as I manage to get with my expensive tribander.
     There's a spiritual truth here. If we are available, God can use us. It isn't our abilities that He is interested in. It's our availability that He wants.
     My Haitian friend used bedsprings to talk to Libya. God wants to use us to talk to a lost and dying world.

    -- Howard Culbertson, HH2HC [ e-book on Haiti ]


FULL POWER: Loss of power

     Help! My Kenwood 330 is no longer putting out a strong signal on my Maco tri-bander. Ray, W9NHB, and a few others have suggested some possible reasons and solutions to try. But I'm still only putting out about 15 watts. I wish I had an expert serviceman here to help me.
     Fortunately, it's totally different when I lose power spiritually.
     God's Word is a clear and complete service and repair manual. In addition, I have the Creator Himself standing by to guide me in putting everything back in top shape.
     When I work on my amateur radio equipment, it's by trial and error. I'm glad I don't have to do that spiritually.

    -- Howard Culbertson, HH2HC


QTH: Port-au-Prince, Haiti - Headed the wrong direction

     At Easter time we drove to the Dominican Republic on the other end of our island to spend the weekend with Paul and Thelma Say (WB4WOC/HI8).
     We had only sketchy directions for finding their house in Santo Domingo. So when I thought we were within range, I began calling Paul on 2 meters (simplex).
     He answered immediately. However, before he finished his first sentence, I lost him. I kept driving and calling, thinking he would come in as we got closer. But I got only silence.
     Finally we stopped to telephone. We discovered we had made a wrong turn. Instead of going toward Paul's house, we were going away from it. Sure, I was in Santo Domingo. But I was headed the wrong way.
     As I turned around, I asked the Lord to keep me headed in the right direction spiritually as well. Just being in the Kingdom is not enough for me. I want to be always headed toward Jesus. Thus, our communications will be ever clearer and stronger.

    -- Howard Culbertson, HH2HC

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