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This series of devotional thoughts was first published in the "Transmitter," a publication of the Nazarene Amateur Radio Fellowship (NARF).


Simple stuff

     The 2M rig in my car was dead. I opened the hood. I checked connections. Everything looked okay. I stuck my head under the dash. I didn't see any problems. I opened the hood again and rechecked connections. Nothing. I'd not seen smoke nor fire. Still, I began to fear that it had blown completely.
     Finally, I thought of checking the in-line fuse. That was the problem. It was something simple. But I had not started there.
     Trouble in your spiritual life? Check the simple stuff first. Jesus got right to the point with Peter: "Do you love me?"

    -- Howard Culbertson, N0FOL


Loose connections

     A loose soldered connection. What frustrating problems it can cause. My soldering jobs usually give way when I neglect to first make a good mechanical bond.
     It can be that way spiritually. If I don't hold tightly to Jesus, my connection to His strength and power weakens. It may even break. God is still there will all power. I'm still the same instrument He's used before. Yet, nothing happens.
     Prayer: Jesus, remind me to hold tightly to you so that all your power can flow through the soldered connection made by your Holy Spirit.

    -- Howard Culbertson, N0FOL


Predictable power

     When Larry Wilson was in Haiti, he used a car battery as a power source for his HF unit. Living in the mountains above Port-au-Prince, Larry's house did receive power from the electric company of the capital city. However, the power generators were very unreliable and so the power would often go out without warning. There were also all kinds of surges on the lines. So Larry (who was HH2WL back then) used a car battery that he kept at maximum power with a trickle charger.
     I'm thankful the Holy Spirit is our power source. He is a predictable, not affected by the offs-and-ons, ups-and-downs and ins-and-outs of life.

    -- Howard Culbertson, N0FOL [ e-book on Haiti ]

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