Want more out of life . . .

than a professional career and the middle class income that goes with it?

Here are two possibilities:

(1) Invest a summer in Youth in Mission

(2) Give a "tithe" of your first ten years after college as an Mission Corps volunteer

     Giving young adults significant cross-cultural experience and a chance to share their faith cross-culturally is a key emphasis of Southern Nazarene University, carried out in cooperation with the Nazarene World Mission Division. Your life is larger than your profession.

"What do Youth in Mission and Mission Corps volunteers do?"

  • Prayer walks
  • Teaching English
  • Compassionate ministries
  • Training local church leaders
  • Sports evangelism
  • Construction
  • Youth and music ministries
  • Medical work including teaching in nursing colleges
  • Children's ministries
  • JESUS film evangelism
  • Home schooling for missionary children
  • Helping in practical ways as "go-fer's"
  • Teaching in schools for MK's ("missionary kids")
  • Working with small businesses

President Gresham's Dream

    Dr. Loren Gresham has dreamed of having 100 volunteers per year from SNU going out to serve around the globe. Causes are deeper than careers. So, he wants SNU graduates to be "global Christians" and he wants SNU to contribute to the missionary enterprise in a major way.

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Where are the opportunities?

SNU has a commitment to keep a continual stream of volunteers going to Bulgaria, Croatia, and Italy. Here's a sampling of current opportunities. We also have possibilities in Latin America, Asia and Africa.

Pioneers to continue our new church planting ministry in Zagreb
Pioneer church planting and development
Orphanage ministry / Prison ministry
Children's cancer ward in hospital
Food and clothing distribution
Agricultural development / Youth ministries
Teaching English
Compassionate Ministries / Church planting
Youth ministry (including Bible quizzing)
Music ministry
Children's ministry
Youth work / evangelism / church planting

"What do I need to do to get there?

For Youth in Mission:

Apply and go through interview process when recruiting team comes to campus in the early part of the fall semester.

For one-year volunteer ministry:
  1. Fill out Mission Corps application from Nazarene headquarters.
  2. Participate in a weekend Cross-Cultural Orientation (CCO) retreat on the SNU campus or at other locations across the country.
  3. The SNU Office of Spiritual Development and Howard Culbertson will work with you and the Kansas City office of volunteerism in developing an assignment.
  4. Attend weekly training sessions in the semester previous to your departure.
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Question: "Can I serve even if I'm not a Nazarene?"

Yes. Though Youth in Mission and Mission Corps volunteers work with and for Nazarene missionaries, the opportunity to serve is open to all, regardless of denominational background.

Question: "Where will I find the money?"

Youth in Mission and Mission Corps volunteers pay their own way (housing, food, transportation, insurance).

Good news: People like to invest in young people stepping out on faith.

The Holy Spirit will lead friends, family and home churches to support you. So, share your dream and calling with them.

Don't look on it as fund raising. Look on it as creating a network of prayer supporters who have your financial support as a major concern.

Question: "What about my student loans?"

All of our volunteers to date have worked out extensions of due dates. The SNU financial aid office can help you with the necessary paperwork.

For more information contact: Dr. Howard Culbertson via e-mail< > or by phone: Religion department office phone: 405-491-6693; Home phone: 405-721-1915.

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