Missions songs needing printed music sources

Help me find printed sources for these songs so they can be used in Faith Promise Conventions and other missions or missionary services

If you know where printed music and lyrics for these songs can be found, e-mail me.
Every Tribe — Wayne Drain
1996, Thankyou Music (administered by Kingsway Music)
Everybody's Got to Know — Andrae Crouch
1989, Crouch Music Company / Bud John [ recorded on CD "Finally" ] [ YouTube ]
Go Tell Somebody — Michael Brooks
1987, Bud John Songs [ recorded on CD "Commissioned Reunion Live" ]
Haste Away — Onie L. Francis
"Rouse, O reapers, up and haste away . . . Haste unto the world wide harvest field."
1923 (published in three hymnals: Gospel Tidings: a Book of Select Gospel Songs, The Crown, and Victory for Christian Work and Worship)
I Will Go - David Ruis
1995, Mercy / Vineyard Publishing [ recorded on CD / cassette "Break Dividing Walls" ]
Kingdom of Love - Scott Wesley Brown, Billy Smiley and Mark Gersmehl
1984, Paragon Music / Pamela Kay Music / BMG Songs [ lyrics ] [ recorded on CD "The Scott Wesley Brown Collection" ]
Lord of the Harvest - Bill Drake
"Lord of the Nations; Of peoples and tribes and tongues . . . Come, fill us and send us"
2002, Old Dirt Road Music [ printed lyrics ]
One on One - Steve Camp and Margaret Becker
1987, His Eye Music / Birdwing Music [ recorded on CD "The Steve Camp Collection" ]
People All Over the World - Bob Farrell, Carl Marsh and Mike Dennis
1986, Straightway Music / Shepherd's Fold Music / Lehsem Music
Praises from Every Nation - Ron Kenoly
Reapers, Haste Away - Virgil O. Stamps
"O see the golden harest . . . Go to the harveset field."
Used in two hymnals: Favorite Radio Songs and Praise Evangel for Sunday Schools
Send Me — Randy Thomas
1985, Bud John Songs, Inc.
Send Me — Twila Paris
"Here Am I, Lord, send me. . . . You have willed that I would become Your hands Lord."
1987, Ariose Music / Mountain Spring Music / Alexandria House
Send the Gospel Light — Fanny Crosby and Ira Sankey
"Send the Light, oh, send it quickly to the isles beyond the sea"
1899 [ lyrics and instrumental audio ]
Song of Many Sounds - Steve Fry
1994, Deep Fryed Music, Word Music
Take It To All the World — Anne Herring, Jim Tenneboe and Matthew Ward
1987, Latter Rain Music / Megin's College Fund Music / Midi Mouse Music
Talkin' About Love — Bill Drake
"There's a Commission and there's a Command to tell nations and peoples that the Kingdom is at hand. . . . Talkin' 'bout Jesus being the answer to the whole of the human race."
2002, Makaira Music, Old Dirt Road Music [ printed lyrics ] [ recorded on CD "Every Nation, Tribe and Tongue" ]
Tell Them — Andrae Crouch
1975, Bud John Songs [ recorded on CD "Take Me Back" ]
Ten Four 0 — Bill Drake
1995, Bill Drake Music / Operation Mobilisation [ recorded on CD "Send Me" ]
Toward the Mark - Bill Drake
"There is a message, the Great Commission . . . I want to give my life"
1998, Old Dirt Road Music [ printed lyrics ]
The Closing Days — Noel Richards and Andy Piercy
1989, Sovereign Lifestyle Music
Thy Kingdom Come - C. McKibbin and Charles H. Gabriel
Thy kingdom come! and shall not each one sing it, on land and sea, where'er His banner goes? . . . When peoples all shall crown Him King of kings. . . O haste to tell the message; The world is dying for the Word of God. . . . Thy kingdom come! He waits to bless the nations."
We Are Not Ashamed - Andrae Crouch
1982, Crouch Music Company / Bud John Songs [ recorded on CD "We Sing Praise, Vol. 2" ]
Will You Be Ready? - Michael Brooks
1989, Lexicon Music / Paragon Music [ recorded on CD "Commissioned: Original: ]
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