Summer ministry miracle

Nathan Holloway (front right) in Macedonia with Youth in Mission team members

by Alissa Gilmore Monterroso

     With a miracle from God, the country of Macedonia and the New Student Institute (NSI) program became remarkably intertwined through one student's summer ministry experience.
     The miracle began more than a year ago when junior Nathan Holloway obeyed the call of God to apply for his second Youth in Mission trip. [ more info on Youth In Mission ] Macedonia had not been Nathan's first choice, but it became his destination. Fund-raising efforts for the $3,000 trip expense left him $1,500 short just three weeks before departure. Nathan's first miracle came a week later when he received the remaining funds. He left for the trip May 29, thanking God for His supply, and believing his financial needs had also been taken care of for the upcoming fall term, after his return.
     When Nathan re-entered the U.S. July 29 for Youth in Mission debriefing, he called home to discover something different. Finances had not come together as expected, and he needed $5,000 to attend SNU in the fall. Nathan began questioning his earlier decision to go to Macedonia instead of staying home to work all summer. He knew God wanted him at SNU, and he had felt sure that God had wanted him in Macedonia. It was time for the second part of the miracle.
     Nathan had been accepted early in the previous spring semester to serve as a NSI mentor for the following fall semester. When he began worry about finding the money to go back to school, he went to Kathy Lebsack, the mentor-to-the-mentors, to submit his resignation from NSI leadership.
     "I believe the Lord wanted you to go to Macedonia, and He's going to work out everything else," Kathy told Nathan. She would not accept his resignation, allowing Nathan more time to see how God would work things out. And, of course, God took care of it. Though Nathan's school bill was not completely paid, he returned to school with a commitment to work to pay for the rest, and decided to remain an NSI mentor.
     To make Nathan's miracle complete, Nathan found on the list of students in his group the name of Nikolce Gjoreski, a new student from (where else?) Macedonia. Only God could have brought these two together, in this unique way filled with obstacle, but more importantly filled with the miracles of God.

from the fall 2000 issue of Southern Light, the alumni publication of Southern Nazarene University. Used by permission.

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