Essay evaluation checklist: Does your paper measure up?

A rubric for grading papers

Use this checklist to evaluate papers before submitting them


  • Do you have a title page?
  • Is your name on the paper?

Organization and development

  • Does the paper follow assignment directions?
  • Is there an introduction that entices readers to continue?
  • Does your thesis or main point clearly shine through?
  • Do you have a sense of the audience to whom you are writing?
  • Does the paper unfold orderly and logically?
  • Are there sentences that seem out of order or not related to the ones immediately before them?
  • Are paragraphs well developed?
  • Are specific points illustrated by examples?
  • Does the content indicate original thinking and reasoning?
  • Is there a concluding paragraph?

Grammar and technique

  • Are sentences clear, mature, and smooth?
  • Are there any confusing or unclear words?
  • Have words such as its/it's, their/there, here/hear been used correctly?
  • Has punctuation been checked to eliminate errors such as unneeded commas, comma splices and run-on sentences?
  • Have you checked your diction or manner of expression to make sure it is appropriate and not too colloquial?
  • Have you checked for agreement between pronoun antecedents or references and the actual pronouns?
  • Have you checked for misspelled words?
  • Are margins, indentions, and spacing correct?
  • Are all resources properly cited?

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