A snapshot of the ideal missions graduate from SNU

Adoniram Judson's son wrote that his dad -- pioneer missionary to Burma -- was an ideal missionary because of his "scholarly tastes, affectionate disposition, and fervent piety." That's a good combination. Here's a longer listing:

  1. The ideal graduate of SNU's mission program would be an individual of deep spirituality. Key word: "Faithfulness"
  2. The person would be both curious and humble in his or her approach to cultures as well possessing as a desire to interact with people very different from him or her. Key thought: "Willingness to study and adapt"
  3. There would be an understanding of and an eagerness to work with contextualization issues. Key word: "Discernment"
  4. The person would be passionate about achieving long-term Kingdom goals rather than being content with short-term successes.
  5. The person would be committed to the church as an organism and as an institution. Key word: "Dedication"
  6. The person would have a drive to speak well the language of the people to whom he or she will go.
  7. The person could effectively communicate with home constituency about their ministry vision, activities and needs. Key word: "Mobilizer"
  8. The person would feel at ease being in company with and in making friends with educated people of other cultures
  9. The person would have a "clear missionary vision," i.e. a sense of what God has called the Church to do and where we are in terms of fulfilling that call. Key thought: "On fire with love"
  10. The person would be, as was said of William Borden, a "striking example of Christian stewardship." He or she would know how to husband resources as well as being both strategic and creative in using what is available. Key word: "Versatile"

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