A month of Alabaster giving

How much money should you be putting in your Alabaster box? Try these amounts.

Days of month
Amount to give
Reasons to give
Amounts are in U.S. dollars and cents
_______ 15¢ for each bottle/can of pop in your home
_______ 225¢ for each clock you own
_______ 3One dollar for each car/truck you own
_______ 460¢ for each type of cereal in your cabinets
_______ 575¢ for each type of cologne or perfume on your dresser
_______ 615¢ for each pet you own and an additional 25¢ if the pets are large
_______ 750¢ per hour of television your family watched today
_______ 835¢ for each time you ate out last week
_______ 1045¢ for each piece of jewelry you own
_______ 1120¢ for each game you own
_______ 1255¢ for each house plant you have
_______ 1325¢ for each radio you own
_______ 1450¢ for each trip you made to a store of any kind this week
_______ 1540¢ for each type of shampoo you have in your house
_______ 1650¢ for each drink you took today of something other than water
_______ 1710¢ for each telephone call you made or received today
_______ 1880¢ for each hobby represented in your family
_______ 1915¢ for each tie or scarf you own
_______ 2025¢ for each power tool or labor-saving device you own
_______ 2115¢ for each picture/painting on your home/office walls
_______ 2214¢ for each mile you drive to church
_______ 235¢ for each book you own
_______ 2495¢ for each sports team you keep track of
_______ 2535¢ for each musical instrument in your house
_______ 2620¢ for each computer game you have or internet bookmark you use regularly
_______ 2725¢ for each snack item purchased this week
_______ 285¢ for each hour of recorded music you listen to each week
_______ 2925¢ for each type of flower, tree, or shrub in your yard
_______ 3075¢ for each entertainment-related activity you did this week
_______ 3150¢ for each hour you spent online this week

Alabaster: "Giving up a want to meet a need"

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