Missionary discouragement

What makes missionaries discouraged? Overload. Tension. Loneliness. Harassment.

A missionary can be tempted to feel defeated because of one or more of these situations:

  • Working among an unresponsive or hostile people group
  • Work overload resulting from unrealistic expectations and/or shortage of personnel
  • Ministry involving frequent trips away from spouse and family
  • For married workers: Tension between the demands of "the work" and family needs
  • For single workers: loneliness
  • Trying to solve problems and counsel with people in a language that one is still trying to learn
  • Limited fellowship with others of like mind
  • Frequent harassment by local government officials

Discouraged missionaries are more vulnerable to temptation. Discouragement is one reason missionaries drop out and return home from their assignments. Successful coping with discouraging times can lower the missionary attrition rate.

"I lie in the dust, completely discouraged; revive me by your word." --Psalm 119:25, The New Living Translation

Adapted from "20 Points on Praying for Missionaries" by WEC International

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