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Sample: Faith Promise commitment or pledge card

Oswald Smith, pastor of People's Church in Toronto, Canada, publicized the phrase "Faith Promise" to describe his asking the people of his congregation to make an annual financial and prayer commitment or pledge to world evangelism. The idea was born out of his own experience of feeling that God was asking him to give more than he thought he could give.

Front of sample Faith Promise commitment card

Faith Promise commitment card sample

Back of sample Faith Promise commitment card

Faith Promise commitment card sample

How does a church go about calculating a Faith Promise goal?

Your total Faith Promise goal depends on what items you put into it [ see example ] [ second example ]

"The present global financial situation is a good opportunity for us to examine our ways, to repent of our greed and wastefulness, amd to reassess our stewardship practices. However, it is also an excellent opportunity for us to demonstrate faith and trust in God's radical generosity. One way we do this is by giving freely, not withholding or hoarding. God delights in a cheerful giver because He is a cheerful giver. As we trust Him we become like Him!" -- Daniel Psaute, Nazarene missionary

     -- Howard Culbertson

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