College credit on a Work and Witness trip?

Tempted to cheat on some schoolwork?
Before you do, read SNU's academic integrity policy

Mexican Field Studies

A hands-on cross-cultural experience shaped by some prior reading and follow-up integrative reflection is a great learning experience

Qualified high school seniors can even get one-hour of academic field studies credit. College and university students can opt for two hours credit or three hours credit.

This accredited college course is tied to participation in SNU's week-long Work and Witness trip, Commission Unto Mexico. Credit is not automatically given, however. Students must register for the class like they do any other.

Since the requirements include some reading and writing prior to going on the trip, registration for this course must be completed before departing for Mexico (preferably by December 1). You cannot get credit by signing up "after the fact."

Most of the written assignments can be turned in online using Moodle.


Sample Assignment papers

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