1-minute excerpt from "Days of Elijah" by Robin Mark

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Other songs with harvest motif

The Battle Is the Lord's - E. Margaret Clarkson and Meyer Lyon
"The harvest fields are white: How few the reaping hands appear, their strength how slight! Yet victory is sure."
[ printed music and words from 1962 Christian and Missionary Alliance hymnal ]
Bringing in the Sheaves - Knowles Shaw and George Minor
"Sowing in the morning . . . Waiting for the harvest and the time of reaping, we shall come rejoicing, bringing in the sheaves."
1874 [ YouTube ] [ printed music ] [ "Great Hymns of the Faith" hymnal ] [ Recorded on CD "Roy Clark Sings and Plays Gospel Greats, Vol. 2" ] [ Midi audio file and lyrics ]
The Call for Reapers - J.O. Thompson and J.B.O. Clemm (also called "Far and Near")
"Far and near the fields are teeming with waves of ripened grain. . . Lord of the harvest, send for reapers!"
[ printed music ] [ "Great Hymns of the Faith" hymnal ] [ "Hymns of Glorious Praise" hymnal" ]
Come, Labor On! - Jane Borthwick and J. Buchanan MacMillan
"Who dares stand idle on the harvest plain while all around him waves the golden grain?"
1962 (Music), Christian Publications [ printed music and words from 1962 Christian and Missionary Alliance hymnal ] [ lyrics and audio file ]
Disciple the Nations - Dan Whittemore
"The harvest is plenty, the workers are few. With each daily victory, there's much more to do."
1976, Lillenas [ printed in "Missionary Program Builder No. 3" ]
Faithful Men - Twila Paris
Come and join the reapers . . . Come and share the harvest, Help to light the darkness"
1985, Straightway Music / Mountain Spring [ YouTube ] [ sheet music ] [ recorded on CD: "Perennial: Songs for the Seasons of Life" ] [ download song ] [ downloadable digital ]
Hark! The Voice of Jesus Calling - Daniel March and Louis von Esch ( also known as "Hear the Voice of Jesus Calling")
"Who will go and work today? Fields are white, the harvest waiting. Who will bear the sheaves away?"
1868 [ printed music ] [ Midi audio file and lyrics ] [ updated words by Bryan Jeffery Leech found as "Hear the Voice of Jesus Calling" in Hymns for the Family of God hymnal ]
Harvest Bells - William Penn and J.M. Hunt
"The harvest field is white, and many souls are sinking into eternal night. The harvest bells are ringing."
1882 [ lyrics and audio file ]
Harvest Time - Paul Rader and Lance Latham
"The harvest fields are bending with precious ripened grain; More reapers now are needed."
1921 [ lyrics and audio file ]
Harvest Time - Wanda Smith
The grain is falling; the Savior's calling. Oh, do not wait! It's growing late. Behold, the fields are white; it's harvest time."
1949, Aim High Music Group / BMG Music Publishing [ lyrics and audio ] [ printed in "Sing His Praise" hymnal ]
Here I Am, Send Me - Melody Green-Severeid and Wendell Burton
"Lord, you said the harvest was great, but Lord, looks like the workers are late. It's getting hard to understand how they ignore your great command."
1979 and 1987, Birdwing Music / Cross Purpose Music / Ears to Hear [ printed music ] [ recorded on CD "Keith Green: The Ministry Years, Vol. 1" ] [ downloadable digital ]Isto
I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go - Mary Brown and Carrie Rounsefell
"There's surely somewhere a lowly place in earth's harvest fields so wide where I may labor through life's short day for Jesus the Crucified."
1899 [ YouTube ] [ printed music ] [ Hear the Call songbook ] [ "Great Hymns of the Faith" hymnal ] [ "Hymns of Glorious Praise" hymnal" ] [ Midi audio file and lyrics ]
Labor On - Christopher R. Blackall and W. Howard Doane
"In the harvest field there is work to do, For the grain is ripe, and the reapers few"
[ words and audio file ]
Lift Jesus High - Scott Wesley Brown
"The season of harvest is now. Rise up and take up your plow. Work while there's still light, night draweth nigh. Enter the nations, lift up your banner high."
1995, Integrity's Hosanna! Music [ printed in Hosanna! Music Songbook 10 ] [ accompaniment tracks ] [ recording on CD "Mission of Praise" ]
Lord of the Harvest - Bill O'Brien and Dick Anthony
"Lord of the harvest, the laborers are so few . . . We go now as we ought."
1977, Lillenas [ printed in "Hear the Call" songbook ] [ printed music ]
Lord of the Living Harvest - John S. B. Monsell and Lowell Mason
"Lord of the living harvest that whitens o'er the plain . . . Accept these hands to labor, these hearts to trust and love."
1866 [ printed music ]
Seedtime and Harvest - Bill O'Brien and Dick Anthony
Seedtime and harvest, fields full of grain. . . Use me, Lord Jesus."
1977, Lillenas [ printed music ]

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