Leading a devotional time in class

An optional assignment in Christian Thought

There are lots of churches where the Sunday morning attendance is no larger than our class. Leading our class in our devotional will prepare you to be a leader in your church.

  1. Prepare adequately; don't throw something together at the last minute. If it appears you have done that, your grade will be affected.
  2. The devotional should be 3-5 minutes long and closely related to the topic and textbook readings listed on the syllabus for that day. Note: it usually takes longer to prepare a good, short devotional than it does a longer one.
  3. Creativity in this devotional time is encouraged. It should include prayer. If you choose to call on someone else to pray, please ask them ahead of time.
  4. You may choose to have the devotional substitute for some of the written textbook reactions. Check the syllabus for details.
  5. On the date those textbook reactions are due, turn in a sheet with the notation that your devotional is counting for those reading(s).

Devotional examples
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History is bigger than science?

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