Value of setting fund-raising deadlines

     Going on a mission trip? You need to set deadlines for when you will complete various phases of your support raising. When you set deadlines, two things will usually happen:

  1. Setting deadlines fosters a sense of urgency. That urgency will motivate friends and family to pray (and give) on your behalf. It will also motivates you to be proactive in your search for funds and dependent upon the Lord who has called you to accomplish His purposes.
  2. Having deadlines creates decision-making times. As you seek critically needed funds to meet set deadlines, your prospective donors will begin to move out of the "Maybe-we-will-think-about-helping-you-sometime" mode to the "We-need-to-make-a-decision-now-so-we-can-help-our-brother-or-sister-in-Christ-to-accomplish -this-particular-vision."

     Deadlines can be powerful tools. I have watched some amazing things take place as people and ministries set deadlines. So, review the vision the Lord has given you. Remind yourself that it is not your vision. It is the Lord's agenda and you need to get on track toward accomplishing it.
     What specific deadlines do you need to establish this month? Prayerfully set them in place. Then, move out and ask those people that know you, trust you and care for you to support and pray for you as you serve the Lord.

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