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Biblical Perspectives Crossword

Based on chapters 6-9 of Hauer and Young textbook

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1   Another title given to the prophets whose works are in "The Scroll of the Twelve"
3   A book with some highly symbolic apocalyptic literature in it
5   King David's Moabite great-grandmother
6   The first individual portrayed in the Bible who exhibited the characteristics of what was later deemed prophecy
8   These writings treat the human search for and maintenance of order
9   In addition to covenant and redemption, this is a theme of the prophetic writings
2   The Old Testament "major" prophet whose book many scholars think was a collection of works from a variety of authors
4   A priest and a "scribe skilled in the Torah of Moses" who went to Jerusalem after the Exile armed with royal warrants to revive worship at the Jerusalem Temple
7   The most frequent type of Psalm
9   This book illustrates the limits of human wisdom
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