Casa Robles: FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions about Casa Robles Missionary Retirement Center

What is Casa Robles?
Casa Robles (House of Oaks) is a retirement center for Nazarene missionaries. It will celebrate its 75th anniversary in 2021. Its campus has 30 small residences, an administration and guest house, a fellowship and worship center, a wellness center, and a bus garage. [ Casa Robles history: click here ]
Where is Casa Robles located?
Casa Robles is in a residential neighborhood of Temple City, a town in the greater Los Angeles, CA area.
Who lives there?
Nazarene missionaries who have served at least 25 years in world mission service, who are capable of living independently and who have been approved for residence by the Nazarene Global Mission Director.
Staff members, including the executive director, a nurse, and the buildings and grounds superintendent, also live at Casa Robles.
How is it funded?
Casa Robles is supported by a combination of sources:
(1) The Nazarene World Evangelism Fund [ more info on WEF ]
(2) Housing and utility contributions by the resident missionaries
(3) Gifts from individuals and churches
(4) Bequests from estate planning
What is the Casa Robles foundation?
The Casa Robles Foundation was established to create and maintain a growing endowment fund whose income will provide for the operation, maintenance and future growth of Casa Robles Nazarene retirement center.
How do I contact the foundation?
You can write, call, fax or e-mail.
Mailing address: Casa Robles Nazarene Retirement Center, 6355 Oak Avenue, Temple City, CA 91780-1352
Telephone: 626-286-9455
Fax: 626-286-5564
E-mail: [ click here

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