Want to motivate your missions council or committee? Give them candy gifts.

Candy rewards for mission council members -- contributed by Bev Borbe and Susan Day

Hershey's miniatures      Bev Borbe says: "Use individually as listed. Or, use a quantity of any one candy for all the council members. Give as thanks for a job well done. Give as holiday or birthday gifts. Give as an end-of-the year award, or simply to say thanks for coming to a council meeting.
     "Every little bit of appreciation you give will create an abundance of good will and hard work. Don't neglect rewards. The author of The Greatest Management Principle in the World is right when he says: 'Behavior that gets rewarded gets repeated.'"

1Program in which local churches "adopt" a Nazarene missionary family. The acronym stands for Loving and Interested Nazarenes Knowing and Serving. [ more info ]
2Short term mission teams (most often to meet construction needs) [ more info ]

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