Mission Reading Books Ballad

Promoting the annual NMI reading books

Here's a sample of what can be done to promote the Nazarene Missions International reading books. This particular song was written for promotion in specific year. [ current year's reading books ]

To the tune of "The Beverly Hillbillies" theme song, also known as "The Ballad of Jed Clampett"

Come and read about a film that's helping spread the News
It's reached 'round the world and is filling up the pews
From day to day the numbers seem to grow
By 2010, 100 million more will know
Jesus that is, our Master, Savior.

Or read about a man who starts his day at five
Goes around to visit churches, sometimes doesn't drive
The Makua tribes were a people never reached
So he followed God's leading and just began to preach
Good News, Light instead of darkness

There were six brave nurses who were pioneers of faith
Suffered through scorpions, spiders, rats and snakes
It mattered not the challenge, each was asked to face
They all were ready, just to run the race
High calling, always serving God

A pastor in New England set out to shine the light
He was more than confident that it was only right
A fisher of men, his name is Manny Chavier
He spent 50 years sharing about his Savior
God's son, hope for ALL the world.

Well, that's just a taste of the stories you will find
If only you'll take just a little bit of time
To listen to a tape or read a missions book
Oh say, won't you please just come and take a look
Six books, interesting, educational.

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words by Wes Harper, NMI president, Kingfisher, Oklahoma

Reaching your reading goal

     "The reading of Missionary Books had slacked off in our church over the past several years. Our pastor expressed his concern to me over this, and said that last year, he had read only 2 of the books because they were never available. I saw that as something that needed to be changed.
     "Last year, our congregational reading total was turned in as 155 -- and our pastor wasn't completely convinced that figure was accurate. I thought we should do better than that. So we set the goal at 700!
     "A lady who is a middle school librarian attends our church. Even though she is not a member I asked her to take care of these books, and she has done a tremendous job. (And she plans to join the church soon.)
     "In the past four months, we have read 400 books. We've dug out the old books and are encouraging people to read at least 12. If a person reads one, they are so challenged that they want to read more.
     "If people are informed, they can pray more intelligently, and will participate more willingly." -- Rosemary Nolley

Missionary reading books online

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