Cultural anthropology: Library Resources

Here's a sampling of what's available in the Southern Nazarene University library as support for the Cultural Anthropology course


Ferrell, Raleigh. "Anthropology: A Two-Edged Sword," Evangelical Missions Quarterly. July, l984, pp. 279-282.

Hiebert, Paul. "The Flaw of the Excluded Middle," Missiology. l982, 1:35.

________. "Missions and Anthropology: A Love/Hate Relationship," Missiology. 1978 2:165-180.

Jacobs, Donald R. and Jacob Loewen. "Anthropologists and Missionaries Face to Face," Missiology, l974 2:161-174.

Kornfield. "Looking at Missions from an Anthropological Point of View," Evangelical Missions Quarterly. Summer, l973, pp. 201-204.

Oberg, K. "Cultural Shock: Adjustment to New Cultural Environments," Practical Anthropology. l963.

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Shenk, Wilbert. "Missionary Encounter with Culture," International Bulletin of Missionary Research, July 1991, pp. 104-109.

Tippet, Alan. "Anthropology: Luxury or Necessity for Missions?" Evangelical Missions Quarterly, Fall, l968, pp. 7-19.

Whiteman, Darrell. "Some Relevant Anthropological Concepts for Effective Cross-Cultural Ministry," Missiology. l981 2:223-239.

Wilson, John D. "What It Takes to Reach People in Oral Cultures," Evangelical Missions Quarterly. April, 1991, pp. 154-158.

Check Infotrak system in library under "Ethnology". Look in Social Sciences Index under "Cultural Anthropology" or "Culture." The library also subscribes to a major anthropology journal called American Anthropologist. The latest issues are on microfiche. The library has bound copies of Practical Anthropology, a journal which merged with Missiology a few years ago.



Aberle, David. The Peyote Religion Among the Navaho.

Bahr, Donald, Juan Gregorio, David Lopez and Albert Alvarez. Piman Shamanism and Staying Sickness.

Barker, John, ed. Christianity in Oceania: Ethnographic Perspectives.

Boi-Nai, Vincent. "The Christian Response to the Phenomenon of Witchcraft in Ghana" (M.A. thesis, Microform).

Brown, Joseph. The Spiritual Legacy of the American Indian.

Crocker, Jon. Vital Souls: Bororo Cosmology, Natural Symbolism and Shamanism.

Desmangles, Leslie. The Faces of the Gods: Vodou and Roman Catholicism in Haiti.

Dunham, Katherine. Island Possessed.

Durkheim, Emile. The Elementary Forms of the Religious Life.

Eliade, Mircea. Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy.

Firth, Ramond. Tikopia Ritual and Belief.

Gehman, Richard J. African Traditional Religions in Biblical Perspective.

Georges, Robert A. Studies on Mythology.

Gilmore, George. Animism, or Thought Currents of Primitive Peoples.

Gross, Edward. Miracles, Demons, and Spiritual Warfare: An Urgent Call for Discernment.

Harner, Michael. The Way of the Shaman.

Howard, James. Oklahoma Seminoles: Medicines Magic and Religion.

Hultkrantz, Ake. Native Religions of North America: The Power of Visions and Fertility.

LaBarre, Weston. The Ghost Dance: Origins of Religion.

Lawson, E. Thomas. Religions of Africa: Traditions in Transformation.

Lehman, Arthur and James Myers. Magic, Witchcraft and Religion: An Anthropological Study of the Supernatural.

Leslie, Charles. Anthropology of Folk Religion.

Levy, Jerrold E. and Raymond Neutra and Dennis Parker. Hand Trembling, Frenzy Witchcraft and Moth Madness: A Study of Navajo Seizure Disorders.

Lowie, Robert. Primitive Religion.

Luhrmann, T. M. Persuasions of the Witch's Craft: Ritual Magic in Contemporary England.

Owens, Donald. "Korean Shamanism: Its Components, Context and Functions" (Ph.D. dissertation).

Thorpe, Shirley. African Traditional Religions: An Introduction.

Turner, Harold. Bibliography of New Religious Movements in Primal Societies, Vol. 5--Latin America

Van Rheenen, Gailyn. Communicating Christ in Animistic Contexts.

Warneck, Joh. The Living Christ and Dying Heathenism: The Experiences of a Missionary in Animistic Heathendom.


Adler, Leonore, ed. Women in Cross-Cultural Perspective.

Alley, Rewi, et. al. Living in China (By Twenty Authors from Abroad)

Anderson, Barbara. First Fieldwork: The Misadventures of an Anthropologist.

Ayisi, Eric. An Introduction to the Study of African Culture.

Baldwin, James Mark. Dictionary of Philosophy and Psychology, including many of the Principal Conceptions of Ethics, Logic, Aesthetics, Philosophy of Religion, Mental Pathology, Anthropology, . . .

Balikci, Asen. The Netsilik Eskimo.

Barnouw, Victor. Culture and Personality.

Barrett, Richard. Culture and Conduct: An Excursion In Anthropology.

Beals, Ralph Leon. An Introduction to Anthropology.

Beattie, John. Other Cultures: Aims, Methods and Achievements in Social Anthropology.

Beattie, John. Understanding an African Kingdom.

Benedict, Ruth. Patterns of Culture.

Benedict, Ruth. Race: Science and Politics.

Bibby, Cyril. Race, Prejudice and Education.

Bidney, David. Theoretical Anthropology.

Bishop, Carl. Man From the Farthest Past.

Bizarro Ujp an, Ignacio. Son of Tec un Um an: A Maya Indian Tells His Life Story.

Bleibtreu, Hermann K. and James F. Downs. Human Variation: Readings in Physical Anthropology.

Bloch, Maurice. Prey Into Hunter: The Politics of Religious Experience.

Boas, Franz. The Mind of Primitive Man.

Bohannan, Paul. Social Anthropology.

Bourke, John G. Scatologic Rites of All Nations: A Dissertation Upon the Employment of Excrementitious Remedial Agents in Religion, Therapeutics, Divination, Witchcraft, Love-Philters, etc. in All Parts of the Globe.

Boyd, William Clouser. Genetics and the Races of Man: An Introduction to Modern Physical Anthropology.

Brew, John Otis. One Hundred Years of Anthropology.

Buscom, William and Melville Herskovits. Continuity and Change in African Cultures.

Calverton, Victor Francis. The Making of Man: An Outline of Anthropology.

Chase, Stewart. The Proper Study of Mankind: an Inquiry Into the Science of Human Relations.

Chiñas, Beverly. La Zandunga: Of Fieldwork and Friendship in Southern Mexico.

Cleveland, R. L., ed. The Middle East and South Asia.

Clignet, Remi. Many Wives, Many Powers: Authority and Power in Polygynous Families.

Codrington, Robert Henry. The Melanesians: Studies in Their Anthropology and Folklore.

Cohen, David. Womunafu's Bunafu: A Study of Authority in a Nineteenth-Century African Community.

Cohen, Vehudi. Man in Adaptation: The Biosocial Background.

Committee of the Royal Anthropological Institute. Notes and Queries on Anthropology.

Condon, John. With Respect to the Japanese: A Guide for Americans.

Conn, Harvie M. Eternal Word and Changing Worlds: Theology, Anthropology, and Mission in Trialogue.

Coon, Carleton. The Living Races of Man.

Coon, Carleton. The Origin of Races.

Coon, Carleton. The Story of Man: From the First Human to Primitive Culture and Beyond.

Coughlan, Margaret, comp. Folklore from Africa to the United States.

Count, Earl Wendel. This is Race: An Anthropology Selected From the International Literature on the Races of Man.

Crumrine, N. Ross. The Mayo Indians of Sonora: A People Who Refuse to Die.

Davis, Hadland. Myths and Legends of Japan.

De Waal Mafidjt, Annemarie. Religion and Culture: An Introduction to the Anthropology of Religion.

Djamour, Judith. Malay Kinship and Marriage in Singapore.

Dole, Gertrude and Robert Carneiro. Essays in the Science of Culture.

Dostert, P.E. Africa.

Driver, Edwin. The Sociology and Anthropology of Mental Illness, A Reference Guide.

Dundes, Alan. The Study of Folklore.

Edel, May. Anthropology and Ethics: The Quest for Moral Understanding.

Emerick, Richad G. Readings in Introductory Anthropology, 2 volumes.

Evans-Pritchard, Edward. Social Anthropology and Other Essays.

Farsy, Foud. Modernity and Tradition: The Saudi Equation.

Faulk, Nancy and Rita Gross. Unspoken Worlds: Women's Religious Lives.

Fenton, Thomas and Marry Heffron, eds. Africa: A Directory of Resources.

Fielding, William. Strange Customs of Courtship and Marriage.

Freedman, Maurice, ed. Social Organization: Essays Presented to Raymond Firth.

Foster, George McClelland. Applied Anthropology.

Fosert, George McClelland. Tzintzuntzan: Mexican Peasants in a Changing World.

Fried, Norton Herbert. Readings in Anthropology, 2 volumes.

Gamst, Frederick and Edward Norbeck. Ideas of Culture.

Garbarino, Merwyn S. Sociocultural Theory in Anthropology: A Short History.

Gearing, Fred. The Face of the Fox.

Gillin, John Philip. Human Ways: Selected Essays in Anthropology.

Gochenour, Theodore. Considering Filipinos.

Goldschmidt, Walter. Comparative Functionalism: An Essay in Anthropological Theory.

Goldschmidt, Walter. Man's Way: A Preface to the Understanding of Human Society.

Goodman, James. The Navajo Atlas: Environments, Resources, People and History of the Din e Bikeyah.

Goodman, Mary Ellen. The Individual and Culture.

Good, Byron. Medicine, Rationality and Experience: An Anthropological Perspective.

Goody, Jack. Comparative Studies in Kinship.

Gross, Llewellyn. Sociological Theory: Inquiries and Paradigms.

Gruber, Jacob. the Philadelphia Anthropological Society: Papers Presented on Its Golden Anniversary.

Grunlan, Stephen A. Cultural Anthropology: A Christian Perspective.

Habenstein, Robert and William Lamers. Funeral Customs the World Over.

Hallowell, A. Irving. Culture and Experience.

Hammond, Peter B. Physical Anthropology and Archaeology: Selected Readings.

Hammond, Peter B. Cultural and Social Anthropology; Selected Readings.

Haring, Douglas. Personal Character and Cultural Milieu; a Collection of Readings.

Harley, George. Masks as Agents of Social Control in Northeast Liberia.

Harris, Marvin. The Nature of Cultural Things.

Harris, Marvin. The Rise of Anthropological Theory.

Haviland, William A. Anthropology.

Haviland, William A. Cultural Anthropology.

Hayano, David. Road Through the Rain Forest: Living Anthropology in Highland Papua New Guinea.

Hays, Hoffman Reynalds. From Ape to Angel: An Informal History of Social Anthropologist.

Heath, Dwight B. Contemporary Cultures and Societies of Latin America.

Henry, Frances and Satish Suberwal, eds. Stress and Response in Fieldwork.

Herskovits, Melville J. Acculturation: The Study of Culture Contact.

Herskovits, Melville J. Cultural Anthropology.

Herskovits, Melville J. Cultural Dynamics.

Herskovits, Melville J. Man and His Works: the Science of Cultural Anthropology.

Herskovits, Melville J. and Frances Herskovits. Dahomean Narrative: A Cross-Cultural Analysis.

Hiebert, Paul G. Anthropological Insights for Missionaries.

Hiebert, Paul G. Cultural Anthropology.

Hoebel, Edward Adamson. Anthropology: the Study of Man.

Hogbin, Ian. A Guadalcanal Society: The Kaoka Speakers.

Hoggart, Richard. Oxford Illustrated Encyclopedia of Peoples and Cultures.

Hollowell, Alfred. Culture and Experience.

Honigmann, John Jose. The World of Man.

Hsu, Francis, ed. Kinship and Culture.

Hulse, Frederick Seymour. The Human Species, an Introduction to Physical Anthropology.

Ingham, John M. Michael, Mary and Lucifer: Folk Catholicism in Central Mexico.

International Symposium on Anthropology. Anthropology Today: Selections.

Jacobs, Melville. Patterns in Cultural Anthropology.

Jacobs, Melville and Bernhard Stern. General Anthropology.

Jarvie, Ian C. The Revolution in Anthropology.

Jennings, Jesse and Edward Hoebel. Readings in Anthropology.

Jokl, Ernst. Medical Sociology and Cultural Anthropology of Sport and Physical Education.

Kardiner, Abram and Edward Preble. They Studied Man.

Keesing, Felix Maxwell. Cultural Anthropology: The Science of Custom.

Keesing, Roger M. Cultural Anthropology: A Contemporary Perspective.

Keesing, Roger M. and Felix M. Keesing. New Perspectives in Cultural Anthropology.

Kephart, Calvin. Races of Mankind: Their Origin and Migration.

Kertzer, David I. Age and Anthropological Theory.

Kindaiti, Kyosuke. Ainu Life and Legends.

Klass, Morton and Hal Hellman. The Kinds of Mankind: An Introduction to Race and Racism.

Kluckhohn, Clyde. Culture and Behavior.

Kluckhohn, Clyde. Mirror for Man: The Relation of Anthropology to Modern Life.

Kneller, George Frelerick. Educational Anthropology: an Introduction.

Kroeber, Alfred. Anthropology: Race, Language, Culture, Psychology, Pre-history.

Kroeber, Alfred. The Nature of Culture.

Kroeber, A.L., comp. Anthropology Today: An Encyclopedic Inventory.

LaBarre, Weston. The Human Animal.

Lane, Harlan. The Wild Boy of Aveyron.

Langness, Lewis L. The Life History in Anthropological Science.

Lasker, Gabriel Ward. Physical Anthropology.

Lawrence, Peter. Road Belong Cargo: A Study of the Cargo Movement in the Southern Medang District, New Guinea.

Lee, Richard and Irven DeVore. Man the Hunter.

Leslie, Charles M. Anthropology of Folk Religion.

Levi-Strauss, Claude. The Elementary Structures of Kinship.

Levi-Strauss, Claude. The Savage Mind.

Levi-Strauss, Claude. The Scope of Anthropology.

Levi-Strauss, Claude. Totemism.

Linton, Ralph. The Science of Man in the World Crisis.

Linton, Ralph. The Study of Man: An Introduction.

Linton, Ralph. The Tree of Culture.

Lipset, Seymour Martin. Politics and the Social Sciences.

Lowie, Robert Harry. An Introduction to Cultural Anthropology.

Lowie, Robert Harry. The History of Ethnological Theory.

Malinowski, Bronislaw. The Dynamics of Culture Change: An Inquiry Into Race Relations in Africa.

Malinowski, Bronislaw. Magic, Science and Religion, and Other Esays.

Mandelbaum, David Goodman. Resources for the Teaching of Anthropology.

Mandelbaum, David G., Gabriel Lasker and Ethel Albert. The Teaching of Anthropology.

Manners, Robert and David Kaplan, eds. Theory in Anthropology: A Source book.

Mason, Otis. Woman's Share in Primitive Culture.

Mathews, Janet. Wurley and Wommera: Aboriginal Life and Craft.

Mayer, Philip. Townsmen or Tribesmen: Conservatism and the Process of Urbanization in a South African City.

McGree, R. Jon. Life, Ritual and Religion Among the Lacandon Maya.

Mead, Margaret. Blackberry Winter: My Earlier Years.

Mead, Margaret. Growing Up in New Guinea.

Mead, Margaret. The Golden Age of American Anthropology.

Mead, Margaret. New Life for Old: Cultural Transformation--Manus, 1928-1953.

Mead, Margaret. Sex and Temperament in Three Primitive Societies.

Mead, Margaret, ed. An Anthropologist at Work: Writings of Ruth Benedict.

Mead, Margaret, ed. Cooperation and Competition Among Primitive Peoples.

Mead, Margaret and Nicolas Calas, eds. Primitive Heritage: An Anthropological Anthology.

Mead, Margaret, Theodosius Dobzhansky, Ethel Robach and Robert Light, eds., Science and the Concept of Race.

Mering, Otto Von. Anthropology and the Behavioral and Health Sciences.

Merriam, Alan P. The Anthropology of Music.

Messent, Peter B. Literature of the Occult: A Collection of Critical Essays.

Meyerson, Julia. 'Tambo: Life in an Andean Village.

Middleton, John. The Lugbara of Uganda.

Miller, Frank. Industrialization in Mexico: Old Villages and a New Town.

Moltmann, Jurgen. Man: Christian Anthropology in the Conflicts of the Present.

Montagu, Ashley. Culture and the Evolution of Man.

Montagu, Ashley. Man's Most Dangerous Myth: The Fallacy of Race.

Montagu, Ashley. Statement on Race.

Murdock, George. Culture and Society, Twenty-four Essays.

Murdock, George. Ethnographic Atlas.

Murdock, George. Theories of Illness: A World Survey.

Murray, Margaret Alice. The Divine King of England: A Study in Anthropology.

Mayerchak, Patrick. East Asia and the Western Pacific, 1994.

Nash, June. In the Eyes of the Ancestors: Belief and Behavior in a Maya Community.

National Geographic Society. Nomads of the World.

Nida, Eugene. Customs and Cultures: Anthropology for Christian Missions.

Norbeck, Edward. Religion in Human Life: Anthropological Views.

Ottenberg, Simon and Phoebe Ottenberg, eds. Cultures and Societies of Africa.

Otterbein, Keith F. Comparative Cultural Analysis: An Introduction to Anthropology.

Paul, Leslie. Nature Into History.

Pelto, Pertti J. The Study of Anthropology.

Penniman, Thomas K. A Hundred Years of Anthropology.

Pitt, David C. Using Historical Sources in Anthropology and Sociology.

Poyatos, Fernando. New Perspectives in Nonverbal Communication: Studies in Cultural Anthropology.

Price, David H. Atlas of World Cultures: A Geographical Guide to Ethnographic Literature.

Radcliffe-Brown, A.R. Structure and Function in Primitive Society.

Reed, Evelyn. Woman's Evolution: From Matriarchal Clan to Patriarchal Family.

Rigby, Peter. Cattle and Kinship Among the Gogo: A Semi-Pastoral Society of Central Tanzania.

Riley, Carroll and Walter Taylor, eds. American Historical Anthropology: Essays in Honor of Leslie Spier.

Rogers, Alisdair, ed. Peoples and Cultures.

Schusky, Ernest. Manual for Kinship Analysis.

Schusky, Ernest. Variation in Kinship.

Service, Elman. Primitive Social Organization: An Evolutionary Perspective.

Shapiro, Harry. Man, Culture, and Society.

Shoemaker, Merle Wesley. Russia, Eurasian States and Eastern Europe.

Siegel, Bernard Joseph. Biennial Review of Anthropology.

Simmons, Frederick. Eat Not This Flesh: Food Avoidances in the Old World.

Singh, J.A.L. and Robert Zingg. Wolf-Children and Feral Man.

Spier, Leslie. American Historical Anthropology.

Spindler, George and Louise Spindler, eds. Cultures Around the World: Five Cases--The Tiwi/Ulithi/The Swazi/The Navajo/The Vice Lords.

Stephens, William. The Family in Cross-Cultural Perspective.

Steward, Julian Haynes. Handbook of South American Indians.

Stocking, George W. Victorian Anthropology.

Tax, Sol. Horizons of Anthropology.

Tax, Sol, ed. Anthropology Today: Selections.

Thomas, William. Primitive Behavior: An Introduction to the Social Sciences.

Thompson, Wayne. Western Europe.
Tippett, Alan Richard. Aspects of Pacific Ethnohistory.

Tippett, Alan Richard. Bibliography for Cross-cultural Workers.

Titiev, Mischa. Introduction to Cultural Anthropology.

Titiev, Mischa. The Science of Man.

Tonkin, Elizabeth. Narrating Our Pasts: The Social Construction of Oral History.

Tucker, Mary Evelyn and John A. Grim. Worldviews and Ecology.

Tylor, Edward. Researches into the Early History of Mankind.

van Gennep, Arnold. The Rites of Passage.

Venable, Vernon. Human Nature: The Marzion View.

von Mering, Otto and Leonard Kasdan, eds. Anthropology and the Behavioral and Health Sciences.

Ward, Martha. Nest in the Wind: Adventures in Anthropology on a Tropical Island.

Wattley, Ames. Spain is Different.

Weaver, Thomas, ed. Essays on Medical Anthropology.

Wheeler, Gerald. The Tribe and Intertribal Relations in Australia.

Whiteman, Darrell. Melanesians and Missionaries: An Ethnohistorical Study of Social and Religious Change in the Southwest Pacific.

Whiting, John Wesley Mayhew. Culture and Human Development.

Wile, Ira S. Handedness: Right and Left.

Williams, Thomas. Field Methods in the Study of Culture.

Winick, Charles. Dictionary of Anthropology.

Wissler, Clark. The American Indian: An Introduction to the Anthropology of the New World.

Wolf, Eric Robert. Anthropology.

Christianity and Culture

Barker, John, ed. Christianity in Oceania: Ethnographic Perspectives.

Costas, Orlando E. Liberating News: A Theology of Contextual Evangelization.

Gilliland, Dean, ed. The Word Among Us: Contextualizing Theology for Mission Today.

Dyrness, William. Invitation to Cross-Cultural Theology: Case Studies in Vernacular Theologies.

Kraft, Charles. Christianity in Culture: A Study in Dynamic Biblical Theologizing in Cross-Cultural Perspective.

Lingenfelter, Sherwood. Transforming Culture: A Challenge for Christian Missions.

Luzbetak, Louis J. The Church and Cultures: An Applied Anthropology for the Religious Worker.

Newbigin, Leslie. The Gospel in a Pluralist Society.

Ro, Bong Rin, ed. Christian Alternatives to Ancestor Practices.

Ro, Bong Rin and Mark Albrecht. God in Asian Contexts: Communicating the God of the Bible in Asia.

Ro, Bong Rin and Ruth Eshenaur. The Bible and Theology in Asian Contexts: An Evangelical Perspective on Asian Theology.

Saunders, George. Culture and Christianity: The Dialectics of Transformation.

Sanneh, Lamin. Translating the Message: The Missionary Impact on Culture.

Taber, Charles. The World Is Too Much With Us: "Culture" in Modern Protestant Missions.

Cross Cultural Communication

Asante, Molefi. Handbook of International and Intercultural Communication.

Asante, Molefi, ed. Handbook of Intercultural Communication.

Augsburger, David W. Conflict Mediation Across Cultures.

Austin, Austin. Cross-Cultural Reentry: A Book of Readings.

Axtell, Roger. Do's and Taboos Around the World.

Carroll, Raymonde. Cultural Misunderstandings: The French-American Experience.

Chew, Jim. When You Cross Cultures: Vital Issues Facing Christian Missions.

Condon, John. Good Neighbors: Communicating with the Mexicans.

Furnham, Adrian and Stephen Bochner. Culture Shock: Psychological Reactions to Unfamiliar Environments.

Gittins, Anthony. Gifts and Strangers: Meeting the Challenges of Inculturation.

Glenn, Edmund. Man and Mankind: Conflict and Communication Between Cultures.

Goring, Paul. The Effective Missionary Communicator: A Field Study of the Missionary Personality.

Grove, Cornelius. Communications Across Cultures.

Gudykunst, William. Communicating with Strangers: An Approach to Intercultural Communication.

Gudykunst, William. Intercultural Communication Theory: Current Perspectives.

Hall, Edward. Beyond Culture: Intercultural Communication.

Hall, Edward. The Silent Language.

Hess, J. Daniel. From the Other's Point of View: Perspectives From North and South of the Rio Grande.

Hesselgrave, David. Communicating Christ Cross-Culturally.

Hesselgrave, David. Counseling Cross-Culturally: An Introduction to Theory and Practice for Christians.

Hopler, Thom. A World of Difference: Following Christ Beyond Your Cultural Walls.

Hu, Wen-chung. Encountering the Chinese: A Guide for Americans.

Janssen, Gretchen. Women Overseas: A Christian Perspective on Cross-Cultural Adaptation.

Kohls, L. Robert. Survival Kit for Overseas Living: For Americans Planning to Live and Work Abroad.

Kraft, Charles. Communicating the Gospel God's Way.

Kraft, Charles and Tom Wisley, eds. Readings in Dynamic Indigeneity.

Larkin, William J. Culture and Biblical Hermeneutics: Interpreting and Applying the Authoritative Word in a Relativistic Age.

Lewis, Tom and Robert Jungman, eds. On Being Foreign: Culture Shock in Short Fiction.

Lingenfelter, Sherwood and Marvin Mayers. Ministering Cross-Culturally: An Incarnational Model for Personal Relationships.

Litteral, Robert. Community Partnership in Communications for Ministry.

Loss, Myron. Culture Shock: Dealing with Stress in Cross-Cultural Living.

Mayers, Marvin. Christianity Confronts Culture: A Strategy for Crosscultural Evangelism.

Mayers, Marvin. A Look at Latin American Lifestyles.

Newmark, Eileen and Molefi Asante. Intercultural Communication.

Nida, Eugene. Religion Across Cultures: A Study in the Communication of Christian Faith.

Nydell, Margaret. Understanding the Arabs: A Guide for Westerners.

Pederson, Paul. Counseling Across Cultures.

Prosser, Michael. The Cultural Dialogue: An Introduction to Intercultural Communication.

Reed, Lyman E. Preparing Missionaries for Intercultural Communication: A Bicultural Approach.

Samovar, Larry and Richard Porter, comps. Intercultural Communication: A Reader.

Seamands, John T. Tell It Well: Communicating the Gospel Across Cultures.

Seelye, H. Ned. Teaching Culture: Strategies for Intercultural Communication.

Shaw, R. Daniel. Transculturation: The Cultural Factor in Translation and Other Communication Tasks.

Smith, Donald. Creating Understanding: A Handbook for Christian Communication Across Cultural Landscapes.

Smith, Elise. Toward Internationalism: Readings in Cross-Cultural Communication.

Stafford, Tim. The Friendship Gap: Reaching Out Across Cultures.

Storti, Craig. The Art of Crossing Cultures.

There is also a set of audio tapes on "Anthropological Insights," lectures given by Darrell Whiteman at a Nazarene missionaries' workshop. Listening to and writing reports on these audio lectures will earn extra credit. For students taking the course for graduate credit, reports on these lectures will be required.

What about video resources?

NextSNU has some great video resources for studying cultural anthropology. [ read more ]

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