King Lear

"Humanity must perforce prey on itself,

Like monsters of the deep . . . ."

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For now, go to study questions from Prof. J. M. Massi.


Recommended articles and books in our library include these:

  • Schneider, Ben Ross, Jr. "King Lear in Its Own Time: The Difference that Death Makes." Early Modern Literary Studies 1.1 (1995): 3.1-49.

  • Thompson, Ann. "King Lear and the Politics of Teaching Shakespeare." Shakespeare Quarterly 41 (1990): 139-46.


  • Paintings based on Lear from the Emory University collection

  • Excerpts from "The Dutie of a King in His Royal Office" by Sir Walter Ralegh, 1599

  • Nahum Tate's changes to Shakespeare's play


  • Cook, Hardy M., Two Lears for Television: An Exploration of Televisual Strategies (original publication in Literature/Film Quarterly 14 (1986): 179-186)

    Links related to Akira Kurasawa's Japanese adaptation entitled RAN (1985):