Welcome to the Introduction to Philosophy class audio page (PHIL 2013).  Here you will find all the lecture audio files for review. Simply click on the links below:

Syllabi Introduction
Greatest Commandment Part III: With all your Mind
Chapter 2: Logic
Chapter 3: Pre-Socratics

        Chapter 4
Chapter 5: Descartes
Chapter 6: Berkeley
Chapter 7: Materialism
Chapter 8: Skepticism
Chapter 9: Rationalism
Chapter 10: Empiricism
Chapter 11: Kant

        Chapter 12
    Cosmological Argument
    Teleological Argument

        Chapter 13
    Ontological Argument
    Moral  Argument
Chapter 14: Religious Experience

        Chapter 15
    Problem of Evil (Part 1)
    Problem of Evil (Part 2)
Chapter 16: Contemporary Challenges to Ethics
Chapter 17: Hedonism
Chapter 18: Utilitarianism
Chapter 19: Kant's Duty Ethics







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