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Harvest is great; workers are few

The task remaining and Christian resource allocation

People ask: "How we be concerned about other countries when there is so much evangelism yet to be done here at home?" Here's a graphic that helps answer that question.

Worker-to-need ratio: In North Africa, there is only one Christian pastor or missionary for every two million people.

Global harvest: What if?

If the ratio of Christian workers to total population that exists in North Africa were applied to the U.S. and Canada, those two countries would have about 120 full-time Christian workers living in them. Also, there would be only 7 small churches in the entirety of those two countries.

What would the church situation in the U.S. and Canada look like if the worker-to-need ratio existing in the countries of North Africa was applied to the US and Canda. Here's a graphic to help you visualize that situation:

Worker-to-need ratio from North Africa applied to
the U.S. and Canada

There is good news: Reports suggest that 10,000 new people a day are coming to Christ in one huge Asian country alone.

Information taken from issues of Mission Frontiers, a publication of the U.S. Center for World Mission

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