Mid-point report on fund raising for summer mission trip

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Second letter sent to those on support mailing list as a mid-report report

Wednesday, May 1
     Praise the Lord! He has done great things! These past several months have been a growing experience for me. The Lord has shown Himself to me in mighty ways.
     When I made the decision to send letters out to family and friends requesting prayer and financial support for a summer on a mission field, I wondered how God would choose to touch the hearts of each of you, the people that I placed on my support list. Would you feel led to give financially or to pray, or to participate in both? I knew that only time would tell.
     Just one week after sending my letters out, I received three checks in the mail. Over the next several weeks, I received many more responses containing both financial and prayer commitments. Each day I couldn't wait to run to the university commons to check my mailbox. The excitement of seeing a response thrilled me and it still does. In just a short period of time I had received $1,350.
     I began to see God's faithfulness working. I had prayer commitments for safety, for health, for adjustment, for spiritual growth, and so many more. What an encouragement to know that people all over the world were praying for me! Just this last week I received $1,475! That means I now have only $672 left to raise before May 15. Praise the Lord!
     Nursing school has been demanding this semester. However, I've taken time to meet with a small group of three other girls each week for spiritual fellowship and to pray for this summer. I have seen God's faithfulness working through each of their lives.
     To prepare for overseas travel I have had to deal with lots of details. I got my passport renewed and even got an International Driver's License. Next week I'm going to the State Health Department to get my Yellow Fever vaccine.
     As my departure date nears, I am becoming more and more excited! I'm excited to meet my teammates, taste new food, learn or try to learn a new language -- French -- and hopefully see wild animals when I get to Africa. And, of course, I'm excited to be able to minister to and to be ministered to by the people of Cote d'Ivoire.
     Please pray for my team and for me. I have enclosed a picture card for you to post as a reminder to pray. I will be sending out an update either during July or when I return. So keep your eye out for something special. Thanks again for your prayer and financial support! See you in August!
      -- Jessica

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Support letters:   Asian prayer journey   |  Guatemala nursing trip   |  Italy   |  Kenya  |  Mexico   |  Mid-point report   |   Nepal/Thailand  |   Commission Unto Mexico

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