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Support letter example: Evangelism and medical work in Kenya

Dear ______,

Southway Church's upcoming trip to Kenya affords the best opportunity we have yet seen to have large numbers of people come to the Lord. The scenes of our previous trips, Spain and Mexico, were very hard fields; Kenya is much more open. I will be leading a group of 15 people (including myself) from Southway Church to Kenya this summer.

We will be going there to help our missionaries, Doctors Nate and Kim Smith, reach out from the Kijabe Medical Center. Some members of the team will help the outreach by training the staff at Kijabe in the areas of their medical specialties. For the rest of us (non-medical people) the Head Chaplain has thrown open the ministries of the Kijabe Medical Center.

We will share the gospel and the comfort of God with patients at their bedside. We will sing and preach at noon evangelistic services at the hospital. Through the Mobile Health Clinics, we will take the word of God and infant inoculations to little towns where the children have never seen a white man.

We then will minister to the refugees from tribal conflicts in the settlements of the Elementaita area (specifically Oljorai) with medical work and a crusade for which we will provide the preaching and the music.

We also hope to meet up with AIM missionaries who work with the Maasai tribe near the Maasai Mara, and encourage them in their work.

We believe that God will work in us and through us on this trip, and afterwards in the life of Southway Church. If you would like to support us in prayer and/or financially, we'd be very grateful. The total cost of the trip is a little over $2000 per person. Though the trip doesn't leave until June 22, we have to buy tickets and make other preparations now, so we need your prayer and financial support now, as the Lord leads you. Please make any checks out to [ insert name of church ].

Please pray that:

Thanks for your prayers and support!


Support raising letterss

Support letters:   Asian prayer journey  |  Guatemala nursing trip   |  Italy   |  Kenya   |  Mexico   |  Mid-point report   |   Thailand/Nepal  |   Commission Unto Mexico

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