Mission map: Nazarene world regions

A strategy for fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus

Nazarene missions around the world: For strategic reasons, Nazarene missions leaders have divided the globe into regions. New outreach as well as work in existing mission areas is administered from offices located within each region. A Regional Director appointed by the General Board works closely with a General Superintendent in overseeing Nazarene work in that geographical area. [ more on development of regional structure ]

world map of Nazarene world mission regions
The six regions with the locations of the regional offices are:

  • Africa Region
    • Office: Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Asia-Pacific Region
    • Office: Singapore
  • Eurasia Region
    • Office: Schaffhausen, Switzerland
  • Mesoamerica Region
    • Office: Panama City, Panama
  • South America Region
    • Office: Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • USA/Canada Region
    • Office: Lenexa, Kansas, USA

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