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Three men: Quickie quiz

of Martin LutherArtist's portrait of John WesleyArtist's portrait of Phineas F. Bresee

This "pop quiz" was used to help prepare students for an upcoming exam which includes questions about the lives and contributions of these three men.

  1. Of the three men whose lives we looked at in class [ PowerPoint ], which one lived in 1700's?
  2. Which Bible book heavily influenced both Luther and Wesley?
  3. In what city did Bresee organize the first congregation that used the name Church of the Nazarene?
  4. Which man served briefly as a missionary to the Indians in Georgia?
  5. Whose spiritual search centered on the question: On what basis are our sins forgiven?
  6. Which of the three men had an experience in which he said his heart was "strangely warmed"?
  7. What theme out of Roman Catholicism did Wesley put together with the "faith/grace" theme of the Reformation?
  8. Which one lost a lot of money in a silver mine investment?
  9. Which of the three was involved in a university organization that detractors called "The Holy Club"?
  10. Which of the three made a pilgrimage to Rome during a time of spiritual searching?
  11. Which of the three began his ministry as a member of the Methodist church?
  12. Which of the three was very influenced by the pietistic Moravian movement?
  13. With which of the three men are 95 debate questions connected?
  14. With which of the three men is a vision for a ministry to the poor most closely connected?
  15. Of which church was John Wesley a member?

How well did you do? Find the answers

pointing rightNot sure of all the answers? See PowerPoint presentation on the lives of all three men [ PowerPoint ]

    -- Howard Culbertson

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