Biblical Perspectives - Organizational Leadership

The end-of-module integrative paper

From the syllabus: "A 6-8 page reflective paper describing areas of insights from this course that were new to you, how you respond to those new insights, and possible ways those new areas of insight might impact your life in future days. Due: two weeks after final class session"

Need a question to get you started?

  1. Have you successfully combined new material from the assignments and classroom lectures and discussions with what you already knew?
  2. Have some of your previously-held ideas and positions been challenged?
  3. Can you identify some changes in you because of your participation in this learning experience?
  4. What new avenues of investigation have you become curious about following up on?
  5. In what ways are your understandings different now than before the module started?
  6. At what points were you challenged to think and reflect?
  7. Did you find yourself discussing material from this module with friends and family during the five weeks?
  8. Did you find yourself going beyond the work assigned to read more and to pursue some question?

Sample papers in Adobe Acrobat PDF format

Ready for some humor? See my writing checklist.

Tips on proofreading your papers.

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