The Shortest short-course in the history of college journalism

A one-day seminar done at Mid-America Nazarene University

Part 1: What makes news?

News is information about anything that is interesting or significant. News is also a highly perishable commodity. Nothing is deader than yesterday's newspaper. That's why we throw old newspapers away or use them in the bottom of birdcages or in the house-training of puppies.

If readers want to know something, that means it has become newsworthy.

If something has happened or is going to happen in which people would be interested, that happening is news.

The alphabet soup of news stories:

Beauty and romance
Exploits and adventures
Fights and struggles
Government and politics
Humor and Novelty
Immediacy (is it new?)
Kids and babies
Mystery and suspense
Proximity or nearness
Real estate and belongings
Woes and anguish

Now that you have the idea, how do you go about writing the story?

NextYour article must sustain interest from beginning to end. It must be accurate. "Almost right" is not enough. [ read more ]

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