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Mu Kappa International
Fraternal association for MKs, a ministry of encouragement to MK's on college campuses, also t-shirts, mugs and more [ learn more ]
MK Connection newsletter [ read current newsletter ]
MK bumper sticker
MK reentry seminar
Co-sponsored by Barnabas International, Narramore Christian Foundation and Mu Kappa International [ more info ]
Interaction, Inc.
A global service and support network for people involved in third culture issues, studies and research [ more info ]
Missionary Kids Ministries
MK Connection
Watering hole for Mks and TCKs [ go to site ]
MK list
Books, buttons, articles and other things related to the MK experience [ learn more ]
MK2MK ministry
Addressing the needs of missionary kids and partnering with parents to maximize the benefits and minimize the challenges of the MK lifestyle [ learn more ]
TCK World
Support and understanding of Third Culture Kids, Military Brats, Preacher's Kids, Missionary Kids, Foreign Service and Corporate Kids and anyone else who has spent their developmental years in a foreign culture [ go to site ]
Mr. Roundhead - a cartoon parable of the MK dilemma
Ready for some humor?
Try this: You know you're a missionary kid when . . .
Specific missions sending groups
SIM's newsletter for SIM adult MKs [ go to site ]
Assemblies of God MK care department [ go to site ]

Praying for the MKs' parents, the missionaries

NextDo you need to help people know how to pray for your missionary parents? [ read more ]

SNU missions course materials and syllabi

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